What I’m Diggin’ And What You Should Be Diggin’ Too! — Ear Worm Music Edition

Here’s the deal: I don’t listen to A LOT of new music. Why? Well, I have very particular tastes. While a lot of females will probably get hype in the club over some crunk, booty-poppin’ tune that just came out with absolutely no real lyrics and a hard beat, me… not so much. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being into that kind of music, but unless it’s become a giant ear worm, I can’t get into it.

However, as of late, there are a couple of songs that have been on my radar. And they’re MASSIVE ear worms (to me, anyhow). So much so, that I can’t stop playing them on repeat — which is a good and bad thing because I’ll probably listen to these songs until I became mentally and physically sick of them. Yeah, I know.

And because I don’t want to be the lone woman listening to these damn songs, I’m going to make you listen to them too. I know, I’m evil. Tell me something new.

“Na Na” – Trey Songz

Why I’m Diggin’ It: Let me be clear — I stopped liking Trey Songz after his “Just Gotta Make It” days. I felt that everything that came out of that man’s mouth since then has been about nothing BUT sex, including this track I just can’t seem to stop listening to. DAMN EAR WORM! I’m drawn to it simply by the chorus which samples the melody for The Fugees’ “Fu-gee-la.” The beat it very dance friendly, and yes, despite no longer liking him, Trigga does have one of those appealing voices.

I mean, at least they’re not having sex, right? Kinda inspires you to want to do some of these exercises with your man…

Yeah, OK, maybe not that one. Not just yet.

Bottom line: The video makes absolutely no sense, but the song is still hot.

Next up… 

“Sexercize” – Kylie Minogue

Why I’m Diggin’ It: Guys, forgive me. The song really isn’t that great. But, it got me. As much as I like to make fun of the video, which is basically a rip off of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” hit. The only thing that keeps me replaying this song, is the electro-dubstep composition. It’s sick — even if the rest of the song is not. I mean, I give songwriter Sia credit for penning sex in the form of exercise (cause that’s what it is, really), but it definitely sounds like something Rihanna passed up and Kiley said she’s take a stab at — especially since they’re label maters. Yep, they are.

Not to mention, Kylie looks DAMN GOOD for a 46-year-old woman —cancer survivor at THAT! But this is still not her thing. She’s more cheeky, and not in the overly-over sexed way, either.

Bottom line: If this song doesn’t get stuck in your head, then mute the vid if you want to watch Kylie shake it, otherwise it will.

And finally…

“Chandelier” – Sia

Why I’m Diggin’ It: From the same woman who gave you Kylie’s joint above, comes this little gem. I can’t really say why I like it. It’s just cleverly written, and composed. Nice, danceable, and not too over the top. It gives me Rihanna “Diamond” feels, and that would make sense, since Sia wrote that song too. It’s very theatrical and almost makes me feel like I could sing it aloud (but I’m smarter than that).

The video has this really artistic contemporary dance done by one of those Dance Moms kiddos, Maddie, and it’s really cool. I also choreograph hip-hop routines to it in my head, which is always fun.

Bottom line: Between the song and the video, you might want to hit re-play several times.

Next week, I’ll be returning back to TV — that is, unless I get some serious feelings after watching X-Men: Days of Future Past this Memorial weekend. I hope these songs don’t become major ear worms like they have for you, but if they do, then I hope you get over them quicker than I have. Now excuse me while I go listen to this three-song playlist for the 115th time.

Have fun, guys and remember:

Are you already a fan? Let’s chat about it in the comments and connect on Twitter to live-tweet the next episode!

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