Ms. Manners On… Going to the Movies!

Ms. Manners on…Going to the Movies: 

There are people in this world who understand how to watch a movie. There are others who don’t. For those who don’t, this entry of “Ms. Manners” is for you…

 (1) Be On Time. We know it’s hard to be on time. It happens to the best of us. But when you know that the movie is supposed to start at 8:10, and there are about 8-10 minutes worth of previews, don’t think it’s OK to just mosey on into the theater at 8:45 or 9:20. Do you really want to miss the beginning? Don’t you know that’s when everyone who matters is introduced? Don’t you want to be in the loop of what’s going on? Yes? Well, get there on time!

 (2) Don’t Bring Your Kids If It’s Not Appropriate. Listen, we all know that PG means that the kiddos are OK to watch with parental guidance, but once they starting adding on numbers, it means it’s too grown for three-year-olds. If the movie isn’t rated G or featuring cartoon characters, or overall not intended for children, do NOT bring your kids to the movie theaters. If you can’t find a babysitter for the night, you weren’t meant to leave your house. No 4-year-old showed be seeing Hugh Jackman’s ass during an X-Men film, and we did not request to hearing 9-month-olds crying in the middle of Spiderman 2 either.

 (3) Turn Off Your Cellphones. Movie makers and production companies didn’t spend money to make those little reels that tell you to silence your calls for us to hear Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty To Me” blaring in the middle of the movie we ALL paid to watch in peace. Furthermore, if your phone does ring, answer it. We can all hear it by now, no use in pretending the phone disrupting us all doesn’t belong to you. 

 (4) Don’t Pick A Fight. We paid to see World War Z not “Fight Between Man in Row 34 and Row 35.” If you have an issue with someone in the theater, be the bigger person and either nip it in the bud, not respond, or request to take it outside. We have to hear what’s going on in the movie and your arguing over spilled Coke, or someone’s kid kicking the back of the seat is totally distracting.

 (5) Be Mindful. If you know your child is a bad ass, make sure to choose a seat where the person in front of it won’t have to complain about having the back of his chair kicked. If you don’t like getting up every time someone has to pee, they don’t go to the movies, because it’s bound to happen. Either that, or find seats closet to the end of the row to avoid it, or in the middle of the row where someone won’t have to cut in front of you — unless you’re the person who needs to pee. Try not to pop open your bag of chips so loudly, slurp the last drop of your Coca Cola, shuffle around your M&M’s too loudly. People are trying to watch!

 (6) If You Sneak In, Be Quiet About It. We get it. Sometimes the opportunity to do a two-for-one is glaring in your face. It’s tempting, so you go for it. But if you choose to do that, do it quietly. Someone of us PAID to watch this movie and we don’t need to hear you stomping in, looking for a seat frantically, laughing off your success, or calling your friends over to the jackpot theater you found. Be stealthy about it. 

 (7) Clean up after yourself. Just because there is someone paid to clean up, doesn’t man you have to trash the place. You paid to watch a movie. It doesn’t entitle you to treat it like a landfill. You know you were taught better, so do better.

 (8) Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself. Or learn to whisper. If it’s one thing that’s truly annoying, it’s to hear some idiot either yell  at the screen OR ask a really dumb question out loud. No one’s saying you can’t talk to your neighbor (if you came with someone else — or are insanely confused), but don’t expect the crowd to erupt into a full discussion about the scene. 

 (9) Enjoy the Show! Last but not least enjoy the movie! You did pay to see it… but you didn’t pay to be an a-hole while doing it.

Got any other pet peeves you encounter when you catch a movie, or any etiquette tips for fellow movie goers? Let me know how you feel below or we can tweet about it!


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