Day 16

It’s the fourth day into the new year and I did not complete my task of finishing a story before the new year. Instead, I panicked and in my hasted attempt to finish one story, I got stuck on four. I did however add a new chapter to my novel and gave new thought to previous plot lines. New years day, I woke to a new story idea. I had the dream before, but a more primitive version of the one I had recently. It would be the re-working of a classic fairy-tale but with a modern steam-punk theme. I don’t know how receptive people would be to it, but I like the idea of retelling an old tale. It’s something I had tried only once before and kind of enjoyed.

Now, as my time has been freed up (due to not so pleasing circumstances), I want to place more time into my writing and other projects. I hope that 2012 can be the year that I finally publish something – a short story,  a chapbook of poems, a novel. Something. Right now, I’m still reading Betsey Tobin’s ‘Iceland’ and it’s renewing my faith in the ability to adapt mythology and old stories, though my apprehension on the subject looms. I find myself deeply interested in multiple mythologies as well as investing the time into research, but still not yet ready for the challenge. Maybe, I should finish one project first before I tackle that one.

Yeah, I’ll do that.