Getting Back on the Horse – Novella Resumes!

Quick update:

I wrote about 500 words in 30 mins, before I went to bed around 3:30 this morning. Editing myself as I worked, it brought it down to 420 words, but brought my total word count up to 12865. I’m pretty happy with myself, as I haven’t given myself any time to write these days. I’ve also finally started the arc of the story where my characters will encounter their conflict and all chaos commences. I do think I may have jumped the gun again, because I’ve written down in my notes that it wasn’t to happen at the moment that I just completed, BUT, I’ll work it all out later.

The fact of the matter is…I WROTE SOMETHING NEW!  YAY!

Now, to just get back on track with my Disney Head Scratchers! I still owe one for Feb. I’ll make sure to double it up this month.

Au revoir!



Will Be Back Soon

Hello loverly followers!

I’m so sorry for the absence. Currently I’m in the middle of so many activities, babysitting duties and scheduling, that I haven’t had time to fully jump back into writing. I have been on a slight hiatus from my novella, but I will jump back into it tomorrow, after I work on a completely unrelated submission for a different contest. 


OH YES – I will be posting my Disney Brain Scratcher before the end of this week on “The Lion King!”  Stay tuned!!!