‘Logan’ Has Arrived, Domino Joins ‘Deadpool 2’, and New Stars For ‘Star Wars’ [Nerd Girl Corner]

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Wonder Woman Makes Her Debut, #SKWAD Is Loose, and Chambit Blossoms This Spring [NerdGirlCorner]

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Legend of Korra Final Four Episode Titles Revealed Marking the End of an Era — Nerd Girl Corner

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I rarely do “newsy” stuff for damn near anything that I write, however,  Nickelodeon just confirmed the Legend of Korra Season 4 final four episode titles and, well, I’m beside myself. The end is near. After these four episodes, we don’t know when next we’ll see anything from the Avatar and/or Korra universe. Essentially, these four episodes mark the end of an era.


But, back to business.

So the final four episodes have been confirmed as follows:

Chapter Ten:
“Operation: Beifong

Chapter Eleven:
“Kuvira’s Gambit

Chapter Twelve:
“Day of Colossus

Chapter Thirteen:
“The Last Stand

It’s also confirmed that Chapter Twelve and Thirteen will air as a one-hour episode (as other finales have aired through the seasons). The names are pretty damn intriguing and as such, I’ve decided to do quite the bit of speculation based on them all.

“Operation Beifong” – This episode title seems simple enough to deduce that this episode will deal with Opal, Lin Beifong, and Bolin breaking out the Beifong clan — with the help of ol’ Toph Beifong — held in captivity by Kuvira in Zaofu.As I’ve previously speculated, this may also be the episode where Baatar Jr. aka Kuvira’s fiancé aka Kuvira’s puppet will have to make a choice of family or girlfriend. I see Baatar’s involvement going one of two way: either he turns a blind eye to his family’s escape plans and chooses to stay with Kuvira (who he’ll later realize only got with him to solidify her ranking as a world leader with his Zaofu ties) OR Kuvira uses him as bait for the Beifong women to back down and he makes some sort of sacrifice to stay as Kuvira’s prisoner of sorts to help his family get away. If it does or doesn’t happen, what I do expect is to see a ton of rapid fire earth and metal bending, and a little lava bending on the Bolin front.

“Kuvira’s Gambit” – This episode sounds to me like Kuvira’s wagering something. We all know Kuvira likes a wager (ie. “If the Avatar can defeat me, I’ll leave Zaofu”). I’m guessing at this point, Kuvira’s probably got her spirit nuclear bomb ready and she might be telling President Raiko to hand over the land Republic City took from the Earth Kingdom OR she’ll level the place. I’m also going to wager that President Raiko isn’t going to back down to Kuvira’s demands (because he’s hella stubborn himself) and he calls her bluff, which brings up to the next episode…

“Day of Colossus” – I have a feeling that the “Day of Colossus” is going to have something to do with Kuvira setting off her weapon of mass destruction. I don’t know what to expect or speculate other than maybe Asami and Varrick come through at the end with a weapon to counter Kuvira’s bomb that offsets the total devastation, but still causes major damage nonetheless.

“The Last Stand” – This episode will definitely entail a ton of fighting. Just the title alone is giving me “Sozin’s Comet” feels where everyone will be battling someone on an epic scale. Korra will have her re-match with Kuvira, as the rest of Team Avatar and Friends will have to battle Korra’s army of robots, tanks, and soldiers. I would hope since this is the last stand and all, Toph, Zuko, and maybe even Katara may get in on the action — though I really don’t see Katara doing anything other than waiting for people to travel to see her in the Water Tribe for healing.

So just how will Korra take down Kuvira in this instance? Well, the creators can bring it all full circle and have Korra take away Kuvira’s bending like Aang did during “Sozin’s Comet” or Korra can do something extra daring and like send Kuvira into the Spirit World to be trapped there forever. But I don’t think Korra’s that daring. Furthermore, Of the last three seasons, Korra’s only ever once “did away” with her enemy, and that’s when her uncle Unalaq merged with the spirit Vatu. If she does handle Kuvira, it’ll have to be with some brute force and then she’ll have to be locked up somewhere where she can’t bend… like on a ship like Red Lotus member Ghazan.

But aside from all that, I’m hoping that this much is true: everyone ends on a somewhat happy note! I’m gonna speculate that either Korra learns that she’s totally in love with Mako or she achieves total Avatar realization being single and all. I hope Asami and General Iroh II start dating (which prob won’t happen because they don’t like to see Asami happy), and that Bolin and Opal really reconcile because Bolin needs a woman in his life that loves him. I also hope to see Bolin rise to some kind of power in the Earth Kingdom since he seems to have a genuine care for the social issues and welfare of the people.

Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 10: “Operation: Beifong” is out now, so make sure you tune in. And of course, expect a post-cap for the episode to come later today!

Girls Life Mag: Black History Month Piece

Here’s my newest published piece on GirlsLifeMag.com. It’s on Black History Month and I’m quite happy that a lot of girls liked it! =)

GL celebrates the ah-mazing accomplishments of African-American women

February isn’t just about Pun Punxsutawney Phil predicting the change of season or sending your crush chocolates. Though we’re getting ready to bid February a fond farewell, we’re also taking one more chance to recognize the achievements and advances of African-Americans throughout history.

Since 1976, February (in the United States and Canada) has been deemed Black History Month. Though there have been great achievements made by men that are celebrated throughout this month, African-American women in particular have been powerful assets to the advancements of the world that we live in today.
I’m sure we all know about the pioneering efforts of Harriet Tubman, the renegade slave who freed others through her service conducting the Underground Railroad, but do you know of others like Lyda D. Newman, who at the turn of the century invented the soft synthetic brush that we use on our hair today; or Theora Stephens, who invented the pressing comb and curling iron? If it weren’t for these two ladies, along with the revolutionizing hair careproducts of Madam C. J. Walker, hair maintenance today would be a major drag!
But African-American women’s efforts weren’t only superficial. In times of war, they aided as much as they could. Take for instance famed spy Mary Elizabeth Bowser, who under the guise of an illiterate servant aided the Union in winningthe war against the Confederacy. Almost a decade later, famous actress and singer Josephine Baker aided in the French Resistance of World War II, and was the first American to receive the Croix de guerre honor by the French Military. Before Amelia Earhart was setting ground-breaking records for women of her time, Bessie Coleman took it one step further by being the first Black woman to obtain a pilot’s license and an international pilot’s license in 1921, after many schools in the United States rejected her based on her skin color and her gender.
On the intellectual front, there are women such as Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American poet to have poetry published as well as first African-American woman to be published in the 1700s. Wheatley opened doors for future writers like Maya Angelou, who is greatly revered as one of the greatest writers and poets of her time, as well as Toni Morrison (pictured above), who was the first black woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for writing in 1993.
Today—and every day—we honor the accomplishments of these women, and all women. After all, where would we be without them?

TALK BACK: What woman is most inspiring to you, girlies?

BY AFIYA AUGUSTINE ON 2/23/2011 12:00:00 PM
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