Manjun – Poetry



Ever look up at the sky when the moon is full?
See the continuity in its form, the opaque silver color
create just the perfect blemish in the night’s skyline?

Ever notice the way it sits there, almost tauntingly,
asking you to partake in its beauty? I stretch my hand
and reach for its embrace, flying away through the blissful
night’s air, with the stars kissing my cheeks.
Speeding blindly towards its full lips, with my heart beating
in my chest and out into the atmosphere

 and then at once

I explode, into the universe, learning all the cosmic secrets of existence
And all my thoughts and energy is turned to you- your sand soaked feet
Dancing in the wind, your curry stained dress in all its wondrous intoxication…

Red fingertips and mandarin flavored lips.

How like the moon, I longingly wish to hold you.
I was born for you and only you.
Forever my Layla, I am your Manjun.