I’m Making a Triumphant Return! Maybe…

Hello all!

I have to admit, I am utterly ashamed of myself. By not writing to you all (on a consistent basis), I’m failing myself. So, I make a resolution (once again) to jump right back into being a more frequent blogger. Lord knows it’ll take some time, but I’m going to work hard towards it. Even if I have to write about things that do not pertain to my several unfinished novels (which I intend on working on).

First on the list, the book I am currently reading: The Left Hand of Darkness by  Ursula K. LeGuin.

So if you guys know me, you know that I have sort of a soft spot for science fiction and fantasy.  I stumbled upon the book after hearing it referenced in that movie The Jane Austen Book Club, which was also based on a book. I figured if one of the main characters made such an argument for his love interest to read it, then shoot, I should read it too.

I will not lie — it took me a minute to get into it. Not knowing that this book was a part of a larger series, you can imagine the numerous questionable looking expressions on my face when I fell on weird ass city names, species of humans and the word kemmer which is like one of the MAJOR themes of the book.

Nonetheless, I continued to read and found myself getting increasingly immersed in it — especially because I had never read a book about an androgynous race of people. They are not androids, they’re not “aliens” in the sense that we know them, they’re a race of hermaphroditic beings that mate once a month almost on a menstrual cycle!

Consider my MIND #BLOWN. Add the fact that a person can be either man or woman at a different cycle?!?!?!? Could you imagine that?!

And this is why the people of their world  believe that there is no cause for war; there is no imbalance of hormones to create a feeling of superiority. At the same time, it’s awkward because there is no gender, the society is just a mass of the same people.

Anyway, I’m starting to enjoy the book because of its shift in narration — and because this book was published in like 1969. It’s pretty freaking amazing that this was around at a time where social constructs were being challenged, but at the same time remained very much rigid.

I’m at a point in the book now where POVs are about to converge and I’ll finally get to see them interact once more. I have to say this book is not necessarily an easy read, but some of the metaphors are beautiful and some of the quotes make me want to highlight them for forever.

As for everything else going on? I’ve halted on the period piece, despite the fact that I have the entire plot mapped out. Finding the words to move the plot can be so hard to do sometimes, and I don’t really want to force it. And my fantasy novel (pfft), I haven’t looked at the in a while. My novella is on hiatus BUT I intend to make a triumphant return and finish at least ONE this year … maybe … no, I have to. I just have to!

Mucho besitos!

Words of the Day: Impassive & Taciturn


   [im-pas-iv] Show IPA


1. without emotion; apathetic; unmoved.
2. calm; serene.
3. unconscious; insensible.
4. not subject to suffering.


   [tas-i-turn] Show IPA


1. inclined to silence; reserved in speech; reluctant to join in conversation.
2. dour, stern, and silent in expression and manner.
Word courtesy or E L James and her most mysteriously yummy and equally frightening Mr. Grey.

Word(s) of the Day – Pedantic & Ostentatious


   [puh-dan-tik]  Show IPA



ostentatious in one’s learning.

overly concerned with minute details or formalisms,especially in teaching.

Watching Midnight in Paris, this word came up twice. Using context clues, I kind of figured out what it was, but I figured, why not actually find the definition. 

And as I was reading that (^) definition, I realized, I never did look up the meaning for the word ‘Ostentatious:’


Characterized by vulgar or pretentious display.

Yup. Context clues is where its at.

Word of the Day: Homunculus


[huh-muhng-kyuh-luhs, hoh-] Show IPA

noun, plural -li  [-lahy] Show IPA.

1. an artificially made dwarf, supposedly produced in a flask by an alchemist.
2. a fully formed, miniature human body believed, according to some medical theories of the 16th and 17th centuries, to be contained in the spermatozoon.
3. a diminutive human being.
4. the human fetus.
This word is hella funny to me…lol I love the way it sounds and at the same time, I get a slight tinge when I hear it…teehee



Word of the Day: Hapless


(esp. of a person) Unfortunate.
unfortunate – unlucky – ill-fated – unhappy – wretched

I heard this word so many times in a bunch of movies with English people or set in England and I never really gave much thought to what it might mean.

Now I know.

Word of the Day: Brobdingnagian


adj \ˌbräb-diŋ-ˈna-gē-ən, -dig-ˈna-\


: marked by tremendous size
Brobdingnagian noun


  1. <a Brobdingnagian billboard stood at the entrance to the theme park>

They use such big words on ‘Big Bang Theory.’ Maybe if I keep watching the show, I’d become like…smarter?  I dunno…

Word of the Day – Askance


adverb /əˈskans/

With an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval

  • – the reformers looked askance at the mystical tradition
  • – a waiter looked askance at Charlie’s jeans

After finishing ICELAND, I ran to my laptop in search of this word. Besty used it quite a few times and I figure that I would figure out what the hell it meant.

I also learned that they have sorrel in Iceland, which is cool. In Trinidad, we use to flower portion of the plant and boil it down into a drink. Apparently that plant is common in Iceland. Go figure!


You learned something new today!


Word of the Day – Sesquipedalian


adjective /ˌseskwəpəˈdālyən/

  • (of a word) Polysyllabic; long
    • sesquipedalian surnames
  • Characterized by long words; long-winded

And how did I come to find this word? Watching a Living Single episode where Kyle is trying to help Maxine and Khadija write an article and he says “well excuse me for being sesquipedalian.” Khadija looked at him and asked him if he knew what it meant and he told her to look it up. So I did. And it’s such a $20 word that basically describes itself – long-winded. I will try to make use of this word today. Yep.