Day 17

As I said in my ‘word’ of the day post, I finally finished ICELAND. If you figure I started it almost two weeks ago, that’s pretty good reading for two hours a day for about 10-12 days. That means that I could’ve read it in about 24 hours if I didn’t have to work. Maybe less.

Anyhow, after having read the book and the author’s notes, I realized where my focus must go, on the ancient Egyptian (AE) book – I am going to focus on one aspect of mythology that focuses on one or several gods and goddesses and incorporate that story into my own. I already have an idea on which goddess(es) I want to create a plot around with my characters. Now, I am going to look into legends or myths surrounding them and from that craft my story.

Should I REALLY be doing this while I have a novel in mind that I’d LOVE to finish this year? Probably not. But, I’m learning that I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t jump back and forth between things.

As for the fantasy novel…I’m still working on it in my head, but thanks to the break ICELAND gave me, I’m ready to put it all down on paper.


Here’s to being published in the New Year!



Word of the Day – Askance


adverb /əˈskans/

With an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval

  • – the reformers looked askance at the mystical tradition
  • – a waiter looked askance at Charlie’s jeans

After finishing ICELAND, I ran to my laptop in search of this word. Besty used it quite a few times and I figure that I would figure out what the hell it meant.

I also learned that they have sorrel in Iceland, which is cool. In Trinidad, we use to flower portion of the plant and boil it down into a drink. Apparently that plant is common in Iceland. Go figure!


You learned something new today!


Day 15

While my personal life is going into disarray, I’ve decided to forge on and make moves with my writing. When I feel that I’ve exhausted my thought processes, I begin to read and so I’ve pulled a book off of my shelf and started to sift through it. While it’s a somewhat random choice, the nature of the book has both elements of fantasy and of mythology which coincides with both elements that I’m trying to work out in two separate stories.

I’ve started to read this charming piece of 360 some odd pages:

I haven’t made up my mind of if I like it or not, but I do love the idea that there are several narratives going on, with interconnecting characters and one first person narrative from a god-like being. I feel that this may help me hone the way in which I handle my own characters in my ancient egyptian mythological piece.

Alas, if I intend on finish any story before the new year, I only have three nights and two days to do so. I don’t think there’s any story I have that I can finish in that time unless I throw caution to the wind and make a really short story out of the many beginning lines that I have. Let’s see what I can do.

*Give Me Strength*