Oh OH It’s NaNoWriMo

Hello ALL!

First, I apologize for my absence. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on another project of mine which I was hoping to do a little bit better with all the energy that I’ve been putting into it. Now that the hardest part is over, I’m turning some of my attentions back to WRITING.

Now, back to reality: NANOWRIMO! Continue reading

‘Til Death – Excerpt

Here’s the opening to a story I wrote many moons ago, entitled ‘Til Death.’ Please read, comment, and enjoy! If you enjoy, I will continue to leak excerpts from this story as well as other stories!

The duvet of rain clouds above the city shadowed the town in shades of grey and charcoal. The icy cold rain showers covered every inch of every steel building, brick house, concrete slab and glass window. Sitting in the dark of his 50th floor studio apartment, he pondered about what to do next, who to go to, who to speak to. There was no chance in hell that he could be saved at this point in time and he resigned himself to the idea that no one would be willing to save him. Straightening his burgundy silk tie embroidered with yellow diamonds, he brushed his hands along the buttons of his white cotton dress shirt. He swirled the glass of scotch in his right hand that was casually draped over the arm of the leather recliner. The ice clinked along the sides and brought his mind some ease.

He looked out the window. The thud from the droplets had grown louder. He could barely see the city through all the rain, just streaks of water flowing down the glass. Slowly, the shadow of a man began to appear on the fogging window

What a shitty day to die he thought.

And with that said, Jack spun his gold wedding band around his wedding finger. He could feel the cool mouth of the steel revolver’s barrel pressed against the back of his head. Without any hesitation, he said “Get on with it,” and the last thing Jack heard was the sound of the gun going off.

Muse is Sickly…

And so, in trying to keep with documenting my success in finishing a novel by the end of Summer, I am here to inform you that my muse is sickly. Not only is she sickly, but it seems that she’s got laryngitis as I haven’t heard a peep from her in some days. A few times during showers she may muster up some form of plot development, but aside from that, I haven’t added much to what I’ve already got, which is okay because I’ve mustered up something in the 10-11 thousand word range. But, considering that I need to be somewhere around the 80-100 thousand range by September…it is a bit worrisome.

Nonetheless, I shall prevail. I think my sudden blockage may be due to the fact that I need a good book to put me in the frame of mind of the time. With that being said, I’m looking to read a good copy of  ‘Jane Eyre,’ preferably on a beach soaking up some sun and much needed relaxation time. I am hopeful that I will procure my copy of the book soon, though I’m not sure if I want to borrow if from the library -which I haven’t been to in MONTHS- or if I should just get the bloody copy from a Barnes and Nobles and hold on to it in hopes that it’ll be one of those books that I read every Spring or something. It can be added to the ‘classics’ section of my personal library which already includes such books as “Mansfield Park,” “Little Women,” “This Side of Paradise,” ” The Jungle,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” “Wuthering Heights,” “Frankenstein,” “The Awakening,” and “The Jungle.” None of which I’ve actually read yet. Jeez-Louise I need to get better with my reading.

Well, that’s all I have for you so far. I will be posting up excerpts of what I have AND I will also be posting up some poetry and short stories as I started in the past. I need to make this blog thing a little more lively, then hopefully people will like me enough to actually want to read more.



Getting Back on the Horse – Novella Resumes!

Quick update:

I wrote about 500 words in 30 mins, before I went to bed around 3:30 this morning. Editing myself as I worked, it brought it down to 420 words, but brought my total word count up to 12865. I’m pretty happy with myself, as I haven’t given myself any time to write these days. I’ve also finally started the arc of the story where my characters will encounter their conflict and all chaos commences. I do think I may have jumped the gun again, because I’ve written down in my notes that it wasn’t to happen at the moment that I just completed, BUT, I’ll work it all out later.

The fact of the matter is…I WROTE SOMETHING NEW!  YAY!

Now, to just get back on track with my Disney Head Scratchers! I still owe one for Feb. I’ll make sure to double it up this month.

Au revoir!



Day 17

As I said in my ‘word’ of the day post, I finally finished ICELAND. If you figure I started it almost two weeks ago, that’s pretty good reading for two hours a day for about 10-12 days. That means that I could’ve read it in about 24 hours if I didn’t have to work. Maybe less.

Anyhow, after having read the book and the author’s notes, I realized where my focus must go, on the ancient Egyptian (AE) book – I am going to focus on one aspect of mythology that focuses on one or several gods and goddesses and incorporate that story into my own. I already have an idea on which goddess(es) I want to create a plot around with my characters. Now, I am going to look into legends or myths surrounding them and from that craft my story.

Should I REALLY be doing this while I have a novel in mind that I’d LOVE to finish this year? Probably not. But, I’m learning that I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t jump back and forth between things.

As for the fantasy novel…I’m still working on it in my head, but thanks to the break ICELAND gave me, I’m ready to put it all down on paper.


Here’s to being published in the New Year!