Fantasy Novel Excerpt – Excerpt

So, I’m trying to write a novel, three actually, but not simultaneously. That would be INSANE! But I had to transcribe what can only be described as the beginnings of three seperate “long” stories. I don’t know if they can actually be defined as novels seeing as they’re not complete, but eh, I’ll call ‘e, whatever I want!! =)

Anywho, this is the “fifth” chapter from my fantasy book. It’s still a work in progress, so be gentle with it. lol. So far, it’s the only chapter I think I was able to fully get out of my head. If you need the back story well, just know that it’s a tragic (yes, I know I don’t write a lot of happy endings) story of two elves (I love elves) who meet and fall for one another without knowing the true nature of the other. They still however, defy everything that they’ve known to be together and go on a quest to correct a wrong that might possibly destroy the very world they left behind.


Chapter Five

~The New Queen~

In a not so distant kingdom, another Princess reveled in her newly appointed position. Sitting in the throne her beloved father sat on but a few days prior, Queen Inviera closed her eyes and inhaled the air surrounding her. With a smirk on her face, she awaited news from her servants of her betrothed Prince.

The kingdom of Terra Arcus was a bleak and dark place. Active volcanoes sat on the blackened cracked earth, sending puffs of charcoal clouds into the sky above. The Black Lake, which sat behind the kingdom, was irrigated into the village, creating veins of rippling, cool, dark fluid through out the lands. The homes were made of blackened timber and charred earth, with windows the shape of candle flames. The air was always warm and sometimes when the sun was high and the volcanoes billowed hot steam, it was as though the water vapor in the air burned at first contact of the skin.

Queen Inviera sat on her thrown, running her fingers along the edge of her ruby chiffon embroidered cloak, draped over her bare shoulders. She trailed her fingers along the red satin dress wrapped tightly around her body, pushing her already buxom bosoms into view.

She was named after the paper white snow flakes that her skin resembled, though her people derived from the Infliories, elves with the ability to manipulate fire and lightning. Her hair, an incandescent glow of crimson waves accented with strands of smoldering embers, was complimented by her arched lips, neatly colored in a shade of scarlet.

“Your majesty, it has been done,” said the male elf standing in front of her. Tall, with olive toned skin and short, curly, honey colored hair he bowed his head in the presence of the Queen.  A few strands of his hair fell onto his forehead and he placed his right arm and fist across his chest in respect of the woman who sat before him. Queen Inviera waved her hand, acknowledging his salute. He looked at her through his cat-like hazel eyes. The square cut diamond earring in his lower ear-lobe twinkled in the dimly lit room. He had a boyish charm to him that made most of the elf maidens at court swoon, but he had his heart set for one in particular.  

He waited for the fiery-headed queen that sat before him to speak.

“Thank you, Lucqí?,” said Queen Inviera. “How successful were we?”

“Quite successful, my lady,” said the female elf that stood next to Lucqí. Luthia bowed her head and placed her hand to her chest with an open palm. She then faced her palm to the sky and moved her hand from left to right in the customary greeting fashion. It was a greeting derived from the reverence the Infliories had for the horizon that held all of the sun’s might in the power of its hand.

Luthìa’s long, loose and cascading curls bounced back and forth as she made the subtle movement. She was Lucqi’s mirror image, having the same cat-like hazel eyes and honey colored mane. And much like her twin brother, she was the desire of many lords and higher nobles. It was said that King Vieron of Terra Arcus showed much favor towards her before his passing. She, however, vowed to never have her heart ruled by any male elf.

“Was there any trouble Luthìa?” asked the Queen without looking.

“It is said that there may have been slight resistance my lady, but we are assured that it is being taken care of,” she said, bowing her head.

“Are we sure?” asked Inviera, who was now rising from her plush throne looking at the twin elves.

“Yes my lady,” said Lucqi, who now could not keep his eyes off of the new Queen. Lucqi quickly stepped towards the lavish chair, placing one arm behind his back and the other hand out stretched.

“Good,” Inviera said placing her palm into Lucqí’s embrace. He closed his fingers around her delicate hand, and looked into Inviera’s eyes as she took proud steps down the brass crafted stepping stool, away from her throne. She dropped her hand from Lucqi’s grip and Lucqi followed the Queen’s fingertips to her side.

“Why majesty, you are looking well today,” said Lucqí is a dream-like gaze.

Looking sideways at Lucqí, Inviera gave a slight smirk. The noble bowed his head. “Why, thank you,” replied Inviera. The pleasantries fed her maliciousness and calmed the rage slowly burning with in. She walked across the floor, with the train of her dress slithering behind her. The Baor fountain, a cleverly crafted structure in the shape of a coiled leopard snake, was erected in the middle of the throne room. The onyx fluid of the land expelled from the mouth of the snake, into the round basin. She stood looking into the small pool, watching the reflection staring back at her.

“Was the letter dispatched?” she asked, without turning her head.

“Yes, my lady,” they responded in unison. She closed her eyes and titled her head toward the opened doors across the hall. There was a balcony over-looking the entire kingdom. On either side of the balcony was a staircase that circled around the palace of Terra Arcus. From the balcony the new Queen could see the world she had lived in, the forests beyond her reach, the volcanoes at her side, and the mountains with ice as chilling as her heart.

“Well then, we shall wait to hear from them. If we miscalculated, we would just have to hasten plans.” And with that said, the twin infliori elves bowed and removed themselves from the throne room, and the new Queen parted her reddened lips, and smiled.

In honor of one of my fave shows — Excerpt

An excerpt from one of my finished short stories from a year-two years ago:

It was a rather cold night in November when my eyes met Victor’s in a lasting gaze. I watched Emme jump along the snow-laden grass, her leash whipping the cold air. He was walking home, bundled in a leather coat, and looked back at Emme. He smiled at the dog and then looked at me. I looked back and kept my eyes fixed on him. I smirked and watched how he glanced down at my lips. I licked them.
He approached me. “Hey, I think I always see you in the park,” he said. I could see the hot air rising out of his mouth. “Do you live in the area?” he asked. He had cocked his head to the side. A sure fire sign that he was interested. I told him I did live in the area. “As a matter of fact,” I told him, “I just moved into one of the Old West End mansions in this part of Toledo, not too far from this park.”
“Really?” he asked.  I nodded. I knew I had him.
“Wow, that’s pretty cool. So, that means that you’re relatively new to the neighborhood then?” he asked. He was curious. I liked that.
“I guess I am. I haven’t really gone out much since I got here. I just stay at home or sit in the park with Emme,” I said, shrugging my shoulder in the direction of the dog. He looked at her and gave a light chuckle.
“So um, could I welcome you to the area, maybe with some coffee?” he asked me. He stood with his hands in his pocket, his shoulders squared off. I looked into his eyes. Those chocolate brown eyes. I wanted to invite him over immediately, but I knew I had him. And with the amount of waiting I did, a couple of days wouldn’t hurt. I asked him if he wanted to go right now, and he told me that we could walk to a quaint little coffee shop around the corner. I whistled for Emme, and she trotted towards me. I grabbed her leash and we walked over to the shop.
I tied Emme up outside, near the entrance. The sign said “No Paws Allowed.”
He sat at a little wooden table next to a window. Snow had mounted on the panes and I could smell the scent of maple trees. He had ordered his cup of coffee and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I told him I was fine. He insisted. I liked it. I ordered a non-fat cappuccino with extra foam. He looked at me and parted his lips to speak.
            “Watching your figure I see…” he said. 
“You’re more than welcome to watch,” I responded. He smiled. As did I. We talked for a while as we waited for the coffee. I learned that he had grown up right here in Washington, D.C. Was the first in his family to graduate from college. He graduated from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, with a degree in English Literature and worked at a library part-time while working on a dissertation on Eighteenth Century literature emerging from the period of Restoration.
            “That’s quite a handful to write about,” I told him. He nodded.
“Yeah it is. I mean, it was such a crazy time in literature…and the society, the rakes, the aristocracy, the rejection of morale and the approval of indecency…” he trailed.
            “I know,” I said. “It was a nightly ball! Nothing but drunkards and prostitutes and very loose men.” He laughed.
 “You have an interest in the Restoration period?”  
“ Not really. I watched a lot of what was going on, you know documentaries, and that Johnny Depp movie ‘Libertine.’ Makes you feel like you could’ve lived there,” I responded.
“Yeah, I know what you mean. With all the studying I’ve been doing, it’s almost like I lived there.”  We both chuckled a bit. I saw the waitress pass by and asked if she could put my cappuccino in a cup to go. I wasn’t too keen on letting Emme stand outside too long by herself, I told him. Maybe, I said, we could finish this conversation another night.
            “Sure, what night’s great for you?” he asked me.
            “How about tomorrow, at the movies. My treat,” I said.
            “That sound’s grand. So we’ll meet in the park?”
            “Sure! Perfect, that sounds like a date,” I told him. The waitress came back with my cappuccino. “It’s really hot,” she said as she handed the cup to me. I told her thanks and pulled two dollars out of my jacket pocket. Victor told me to put my money away.
“It’s the least I can do,” he whispered, then winked. He leaned over and touched my hand. I lowered my eyes and then looked up at him.
“Until tomorrow,” I said and then I waved goodbye.
            I stepped outside and untied Emme. She was such a perfectly trained dog. I walked away from the shop, feeling his eyes on me. I turned back and raised my cup towards his figure in the window. I crossed the street and waited until I was out of eyesight to toss the drink into the nearest bin.