Day 6

Last night was a bit of a back step in my attempt to finish one of my stories. While I’ve been adding pages through, because I haven’t re-read through old pages, these new ones aren’t as continuous as I hoped for. Last night I did some editing on the train, which isn’t bad, but isn’t good– when I edit, I subtract, not add.  I started adding and the more I wrote, the more it didn’t feel right.

Today I intend on focusing on adding at least a page and/or typing up some handwritten pages. I find that for this story (that I’ve tentatively called ‘Four Cups of Tea’), I’m writing out of sequence. While it seems pretty intriguing, as I’d like to see where it goes, it’s frightening. I’m scared that I’m going to find a really good ending and then give up on writing the in-between portions. I wouldn’t want to be one of those writers who readers say “got lazy” or “gave up” or “basically got tired.”

Why is this so hard? *sigh* I must get to writing. I will note my progress later.



Day 5

So today, I went back to and found that I’ve written in total about 600+ words within three days but not exactly three days… more like a few hours. It’s hard trying to write. The idea forming isn’t that bad. If I’m adding to a story, I have to get back in the mindset of where I left off and where I want to go, but it does suck that my most creative time is during the day when I have to pay the bills.

Aside from that, I’m made the conscious decision to be more organic, but more focused. While reading Ancient Egyptian Mythological texts, I started getting lines to add to another unfinished story. I finally broke down and said to myself, if my brain is ready to write more for that story, then I will put aside my Egyptian piece and focus on getting as much of this other story out as possible.  I’ve been adding pages through When a scene comes to mind, I go there and pound out as much as I can.  I will be posting an excerpt soon for your reading consumption.