What I’m Diggin’ And Why You Should Be Diggin’ It Too — Canceled Edition

‘A lo, ladies and gents!

I’m back again when another installment of all the things I’m diggin’ and why you should be diggin’ them too. But for tonight, I’ve decided to go shed a tear for the shows that have come and gone (coincidentally all after one season) that I thoroughly enjoyed and cursed the heavens for taking  away from me.

Hey, if people can mourn family, celebrities, and their pet goldfish, I can mourn television shows.

So, first on my list of  canceled TV shows that I miss:

Wedding Band

Synopsis:  “Lifelong friends play in a band for hire.”

Status:  Canceled after Season 1 (TBS)

Why I’m Missin’ It:This show was basically Glee, but for cool adults (no offense to Glee or anything). First off, it brought back Brian Austin Green as the frontman of a wedding band that played some of the most awesome renditions of pop songs. And I believe it was all their own singing, too. Harold Perrineau was the cool guy who played for every famous rock band alive, while Derek Miller and Peter Cambor were the brothers who were polar opposites with a passion for playing music. I’m sorry guys, but this show was like The Hangover with musical tidbits in between. Oh, and lest not forget Melora Hardin as the sexy, vampy, boss who took “Get Ur Freak On” to another level.

Bottom line: This show had guts. And it was fun. And it TBS did a better job of not putting it on Saturday nights, it would’ve been a fan favorite.

Next up…

 Almost Human

Synopsis: “In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve.”

Status:  Canceled after Season 1 (FOX)

Why I’m Missin’ It:   OK. So this show gave a bit of mixed feelings for some. And I will admit, I wasn’t able to always catch it (due to work), but when I did watch it, it always kept me entertained. I binged on the last four episodes without further thought and was ready to find out what the hell happened to Karl Urban’s character, Kennex, whose ex-girlfriend (a black actress, woot!) was a part of a terrorist organization. I also wanted to know what was going to happen to Michael Ealy’s character, Dorian, and if he was actual (dum, dum, DUM) human before becoming a robot! This show had a good premise, and it was a good mix of science fiction without being too ahead in the future to be relatable. It was good balance of I-Robot, Gattaca, and AI, which is the reason why I kept coming back.

And let’s be really honest: who the freak wouldn’t want to look into Michael Ealy’s beautiful eyes one hour a week, huh?

Bottom Line: Fox is known for not giving good shows and chance and they totally missed the mark with Almost Human. If only Syfy or FX would pick the show up and give it new life, this show would be make Fox cry in shame. 

And last, but certainly not least:


Camelot; 2011

Synopsis:  “King Uther dies suddenly. Britain is facing chaos. The sorcerer Merlin appoints the not so known son and heir Arthur as the king who was raised as a commoner, but his half sister has other plans. Arthur faces tough times and will be tested beyond imagination.”

Status:  Canceled after Season 1 (Starz)

Why I’m Missin’ It:  If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m a history/fantasy/mythology nut bag. And this show gave me a great mixture of it all. It worked in the magical aspect of the King Arthur story without beating it over the head, and it had the right amount of sexiness without being gratuitous. This show also had a pretty sweet cast with (the secret not-so-secret love of my life) Eva Green as Morgan Le Fey (neé Pendragon), Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere. I will mourn this show. I will mourn this show so much — especially since it ended right when things were getting so good. And my biggest peeve with this show? It didn’t have bad ratings! The real reason Starz bumped this show off the rost was because it didn’t bring enough new subscribers to the network. Le sigh, man. Le sigh.

Good lord, she gives me a lady boner.

Bottom line: This show didn’t have to end and Starz is a giant poop face for letting this gem go.

And that’s what I’ve got for this week’s canceled TV edition. Tune in next week to see if your show tops my list, and remember if you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Until then,

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