Day 3

I wanted to write last night, and the night before but found myself insanely tired and drowsy.

As of the last two days, I’ve been reading through some of my Ancient Egyptian books, specifically the books on mythology. I started a story back in junior high school (at the height of my Ancient Egyptian obsession) about a girl of middle eastern-asian descent and I wanted some myth and lore of AE in it. Now that I’m committing myself to complete most of my unfinished works, I’m hitting these mythology books on the train, which is my best time for reading.

Currently reading: Legends of the Egyptian Gods by E.A. Wallis Budge
Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends by Lewis Spence
Egyptian Mythology by Veronica Ions

I realize this maybe one of the more harder tasks I’ve decided to take on, as I’ve got to decide which AE mythology system (upper, middle or lower egypt) mythology I want to focus on =/

But, I will persevere.