Avatar and Legend of Korra Give Girls With Disabilities Power — Nerd Girl Corner

I have no problem admitting that I am a 20-something-year-old woman who enjoyed watching all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender (with a special love for Book 3: Fire), and am now watching it’s sequel/spin-off, Legend of Korra. Now, while the first two seasons of Korra — Book 1: Air and Book 2: Spirits respectively — didn’t fully meet my expectations of the franchise, I must say that this latest season, Book 3: Change, is shaping up to be amazing. Now it’s no secret how excited I was for this season. I spent almost an hour breaking down the EPIC trailer that was released, chock-full of bending goodness. But the last few episodes Korra‘s latest season, just made me realize how awesome this franchise is, when it introduced for the second time, a person with a disability accomplishing amazing feats. Continue reading

Vibe Vixen: Freshen Up Your Look

Beauty Tips: How to Freshen Your Overall Look

Posted by  on Dec 5, 2012
Whether for a work conference or a not-so-great extended outing, you’ve been going non-stop. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to look and feel your best.

What most people don’t realize is that long trips are the times that should be taken advantage of when it comes to taking care of your skin. Even though a change of weather, stress or exhaustion, can take a toll on your skin, if you care for it well during these times, it can be considered a little mini rejuvinization.
First and foremost, you can forgo the makeup. Yes. I know you can’t live without it sometimes, but it’s good to give your face a break from all the things that cake up your pores and take forever and a day to put on. This is when you can take the opportunity to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize your face, hands and body.
You can also use this time to reduce puffiness by…

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Black Woman Sleeping…putting cold compresses or washclothes on your eyes. Let your natural eyelashes breathe and give your nails a break from the polish. Now just because you’re foregoing the makeup, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay attention to some parts of your face. Use moisturizing and healing lip balms (like Blistex) that will medicate your lips and give it a little shine. If you feel the need to give yourself a little shine, dust on some bronzer.
If you can, get lots of rest on your trip. The best way to look your best is to be well rested.
And there you have it, Vixens! -Afiya Augustine

i should tell u – poetry

there’s so much i want to tell you
…i should tell you…i should tell you…
but i fear that you’ll think me weird.
i’m scared really that maybe you’ll see me
in the way that i see you,
fresh like the misted dew but
…i should tell you…i should tell you…
that whenever we’re together, i feel this spark,
little flickers of light sparkling in the dark
like a mini fourth of july just unraveling on the inside
and i desperately try to hide the twinkling in my eyes though…
…i should tell you…i should tell you
when you’re not around my little world dissolves…
into a jumble of mathematical equations I can not solve,
tumbling with grey overcasts and gusts of winds so brisk that
I sincerely yearn for the warmth of your kiss and something like this
…i should tell you, i should tell you…
you mean more to me than an early morning sunrise,
more than God’s green earth, the color painted skies,
you are my eden, my utopian paradise…but i
…i should tell you that i…
would love to have you, for more than forever
to hold on to you and let go never,
i couldn’t ever sever the bond that we’d share
and all the while i truly fear…if…
…i should tell you…i should tell…
i see your face more often that you think,
i see your eyes when i close mine to blink,
and I can just sink into a moment of reverie…
whenever I picture you next to me and
the thought of what we could ever be…
…if i could tell you…i should tell you…

Speak Easy Words – Excerpt

An excerpt from a story I wrote years ago. Please tell me what you think!

Speak Easy Words

The night was cold, but pretty young. Jasper decided to take his friend Arnold to a spot where he knew the guys could have a good time and keep warm. The name of the joint was ‘Delicious’ and it was in the market of selling the best moonshine you ever tasted. So good, it was guaranteed to put hairs on your chest and chin. They were also in the market of selling time with some of the most beautiful women you could ever lay your eyes on. This was Arnold’s first time there, but it wouldn’t be his last. As the two gentlemen entered the speak-easy, the smell of tobacco and perfume consumed them.

“This place is the cat’s meow!” said Arnold.
“Well buddy, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” replied Jasper.

As they went to sit down, a very short woman with a rather grand presence about her, glided across the floor. Arnold was immediately hypnotized. She noticed him too. She walked over and announced herself.

“Hey shug, the name’s Apple. What’s yours?

The southern bell of her voice rang and sent Arnold into a trance he could barely get out of.

“My name’s Arnold…”

“Well,” she started “seeing as I’ve never seen you here before let me be the first to welcome you to ‘Delicious.’”

“Thank you,” said Arnold. He gave a slight nod and Apple shot him a smile and wink. She turned her back to young man and swayed over to the dance floor. Arnold saw the back of her red gown—her back was bare and the rest of the red sequined gown hugged her hips, and round backside. He wanted to caress the smooth piece of pecan brown flesh that enticed his eye. He wanted to taste her, just like the fruit she was named after. And like the fruit, she seemed to be forbidden.

“Hey Miss Apple,” Arnold shouted. He got to his feet and walked across the floor to the vision in red, whose hair was pinned in an intricate maze of curls, and lips were colored in a matted deep red hue. “May I have this dance?”

“Well hun,” Apple smiled, “there are seven more in front of you, so if you don’t mind, I can dance with you after.”

“Sure,” replied Arnold. “I’ll wait in line so long as I get the chance to dance with you.”

As she walked away, his eyes followed close behind. Arnold had fallen in love with a beautiful creature, but didn’t know that returning those feelings was a service Apple couldn’t provide. In the business of prostitution, there was no time for love.

Girls Life Mag: What’s beautiful? A peek at girls around the globe

What’s beautiful? A peek at girls around the globe

So, you’re 13 and in complete hysterics about how you have to go about “beautifying” yourself to get that cute guy in your Bio class to notice you. You’re dabbling with makeup, wondering if your outfits are cute and tottering around in heels. Have you ever stopped to wonder if your idea of beauty is the same as other girls’ across the globe? In some parts of the world stretching your neck, chiseling your teeth or even tattooing your lips is what makes you the apple of some guy’s eye.

In Mauritania, West Africa, having plump arms, thick ankles and a big booty is what gets the fellas going. In villages here, being plus size is what is considered beautiful. The bigger the girl, the more guys like her. Though it does have its health risks, girls continue to pack on the pounds to meet their soul-mates.
In China, women bound their feet for centuries. Can you imagine having all the bones in your feet broken when you’re 12, then wrapped and re-shaped? Centuries ago, having itty-bitty feet was considered the highest standard of female beauty. Girls would undergo this process to achieve the coveted three-inch foot length. This practice continued into the early 20th century, but has since died out.
Think lip piercings are cute? Near the Amazon River in South America, women have their lips pierced to insert a disc, often made of wood. This act stretches a young girl’s lips and she continues to wear them until she reaches her desired “beautiful” length. Afterwards, the discs are only worn on special occasions.
A long neck has long been a sign of woman’s gracefulness. In subcultures of African and Asian societies, brass neck rings are used to give girls and women the appearance of long necks. Most notably are the Kayan women who reside between Thailand and Burma. At a young age, girls have rings placed on their necks and as they grow older, more rings are added. Now that’s what you call having weight on your shoulders! The weight displaces the collarbone and rib cage, giving the appearance of a longer neck. If the rings were removed, the neck wouldn’t be able to sustain the weight of the woman’s head. Can you imagine?
While we still value an hourglass figure today, our appreciation of a teensy tiny waist doesn’t have anything on 16th-century Europe. Back then, girls had to go through something called “tight-lacing” to achieve the ultimate waist. Their corsets were tied tighter and tighter until they got really small waists, much like America’s Next Top Model winner Anne Ward. Some women still wear corsets and even remove ribs to achieve this extreme look.
But that’s not all. The Karo women of Southern Ethiopia cut themselves along their stomachs, leaving scars that attract men in their community. In some cultures in Indonesia, girls have their teeth sharpened to align their spirits and make them more beautiful. New Zealand’s indigenous Maori women tattoo their lips and chin in blue ink to attract their guys. They believe that a woman with full blue lips is the most desirable woman of them all.

What’s the lesson to be learned here, ladies? Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors of the rainbow. While more global communities enhance their idea of womanly beauty in superficial ways—with rings or ink or surgery or scarring—we like to think the world is coming to accept a girl’s natural beauty as being the best of all. Cast your vote for natural beauty by accepting yourselves, sweethearts, and embracing your gorgeous body (and totally brilliant brains).

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BY AFIYA AUGUSTINE ON 5/9/2011 12:00:00 PM