Back From the Walking Dead — Day In the Life

Could it be? Have ah truly returned to this here ol’ blog thingy-ma-jiggy? I reckon’ I have, babe!

It’s officially been over four years since I last shared some words with the world on this here site. Four years, y’all. If it was a child, it would be able to tell you that it wanted to have Chic-Fil-A for lunch and let everyone on the line know that you were wearing a wig. That’s how long it’s been.

You wouldn’t believe how much my life has changed — when I say a girl went through some thangs

In no particular order, I:

  • Finally got a job after months of self-imposed unemployment after ditching the entertainment website. Though being jobless was no fun, I can guarantee you that it was much better than being in that toxic-ass, demeaning environment where I was branded “Black Editor” by an evil leprechaun. I did tap into a bit of my savings though, so that job came in the clutch. I’m still working there and it’s not perfect, but I’ve been learning/gaining experience and supporting myself, so yeah.
  • Got divorced. What is there to say really? It was quite the experience to let go of something that took up almost a third of my life. It was major, but I won’t go too deep into it. If you wanna learn more about that, with a few clicks on this site or a quick search on Google, you can sip some of the tea.
  • Launched a podcast! Can you believe it?! Me behind a microphone giving my thoughts and feels (sometimes inebriated) for people to listen to and what not. Insane, but it’s a thing!
Adult-ish Podcast logo created by the talented Amber Mintz

Right now, Adult-ish is in its fourth season (le gasp) but it’s still a startup as me and my producer are still funding the project. So with that being said, you need to go on ahead and support by going here.

  • Parted ways with a known nerd-based organization in the midst of a scandal the org was swept into. I bowed out of my Senior Leadership & Editor role during a mass exodus of the site. In spite of it all, I was very open to working together again. However, some really funky stuff happened in the middle of the exodus that kind of put me on pause.
  • Was let go from the SYFY Fangrrls team after four-ish years of being a contributing freelance writer on the SYFY website. To be fair, it wasn’t just me — the entire team got the axe as a part of overall changes. It was a fun ride and I got to write some cool things, which you can see in my clips section.
  • Saw my jewelry published in Jewelry Affaire, a jewelry art magazine. After finally coming to terms with being rejected by Stringing Magazine like five years prior (yes, it took a while to process), I started sending my pieces out again and I got two pages — one being the main page of the section it was featured in!
  • Have been in therapy, y’all! Yup, a girl is trying to get her mind right, check in with her emotions, learn what she’s capable of doing, and healing from it all. Get thee behind me, generational curses!
  • Traveled by myself for the first time. Yeah, so what if it was to Connecticut? It was my first time going to an event in a location I’ve never been to on my own — during a pandemic at that! — and I fell in love with it. I did a follow-up trip to a neighboring town and now I’m itching to travel the eastern seacoast. I want to do Boston or maybe a trip to Maine and/or Vermont.
  • Finally met Legend of Korra star Janet Varney (voice of Korra) after being in and out of email touch for years. At some point, we finally got our shit and time together to make it happen and it did. It happened! She was every bit the sweetheart I thought she’d be AND I think we may be developing like a penpalship? I don’t want to say we are, but like I might be feeling it a bit…
Adult-ish BTS with Janet Varney of Legend of Korra
  • Loved again, had my heart broken again, got entangled in a situationship and short courtships with some ghosting because “men are trash,” “relationships suck,” “dating is hard,” and “can’t live with them, can’t live without the d in grey sweatpants,” blah blah blah. Long story short, I’m still single. LOL.
  • Became an aunt again to another set of twins. They are now 3 years old and are beautiful, fully-formed individuals with personalities and souls like they’ve been on this earth before. Oh, and before you even think it, yeah, sure twins may be in my family, but I’m not having twins. Don’t wish that evil on me, thank you very much.
  • Finally got my own place and am living on my own for the first mutha-frucking time of ma life. I’m technically still living with family, as we share a two-family home, but the space is mine and I do what (and “who” *wink*) I want… most of the time.

I’m sure there are other things that happened in my life in the past four years I’m not mentioning, but I think these are the major events that will keep you interested enough to keep from scrolling through Instagram.

But like the rest of you all reading this right now, I’ve survived just long enough to be a part of the clusterfuck that is 2020 — and I came out alive on the first day of 2021.

And on these first days of 2021, I am making my intentions known I am embarking on a return to writing. It’s been a struggle to get back into it; I questioned my ability to write, to relate, and to tell good stories. I still question all those things, but I’ve decided to not let the fear get the better of me. Hopefully I can figure it out and if not, then this will be the journey towards that deliberation.

So here we are at the end of my first blog post in four years! Wooooo, chiiiile. Just writing this was a multi-day endeavor, but I did it. It’s done and out there in the universe for the world to see.

And now I’m done. I’ll see you guys soon.

TL:DR — Hi y’all. I’m still alive, and I’m back, heaux. Laters.

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