‘Beauty & the Beast’ (or Bust),’Wonder Woman’ Awakens & Double Up on ‘Insecure’ [Nerd Girl Corner]


Hey-lo, peoples!

I’m back again with some nerdy news. I’m certain you guys already heard it because I meant to write some of this stuff as soon as it came out, but life happened in the form of sickness after sickness after sickness and your girl wasn’t here for the shenanigans.


But guess what, I’m still gonna share it. Why? Because, why not. Also, I’m kind of in my feelings (or lack thereof) when it comes to some of it. So, if you’ll indulge me a little, let’s get the ball a’rollin’…


First up, I shall start with the oldest bit of news which is the release of the full Wonder Woman trailer. Gal Gadot reprises her role as the kick ass Amazonian and the film appears to be set during World War I. Let’s take a gander at it (if you haven’t already, though you probably have):

OK. So there are several things I like about the trailer. For starters, I really like Gal. She seems to have this very stoic, don’t-take-BS look to her and she’s not afraid to get her ugly face on when she’s fighting. Then, we get a glance of Themyscira and it looks BEAUTIFUL. Like, I’d totally vacation there and would be absolutely fine if the menfolk weren’t around.

Then we get this little battle scene between the Amazonians and some men folk who found their little paradise and… is that a dark-skinned Amazonian I see peeking out from the corner?!


Get it, girl.

Then the rest of the trailer is her assembling all her Wonder Woman goodies to go help the menfolk with their war because let’s face it, men can’t do anything right. There’s also this little scene with her trying to maneuver her fight skills in a dress and I just giggle every time I see it.


Oh, Diana. You ain’t got no kinda behavior. And I likes it.

Moving on… 

So, I initially intended on writing this post when the first official photos for the live-action Beauty & the Beast dropped and Entertainment Weekly published them.


So we got the official first looks at humans Belle, Gaston, LeFou, Maurice, and then the enchanted folk like Mrs. Potts (the teapot), Lumiere (the candlestick), Cogsworth (the clock) and even Plumette (the feather duster). While I don’t have many complaints on the former, for the latter, I’m a little bummed.

Beauty and the Beast

I don’t get how they made Lumiere look like a man, but got Plumette looking like a warped dove. It’s just odd. I would’ve been better off they drew a face on the handle and got rid of those feather things because (if we can be slightly serious) who uses a feather duster with feathers on the handle? No one.

Then, a couple days ago, we got the first official trailer for the film… and again I wasn’t so happy with it.

Listen, Linda. I know a lot of people got in their Disney feelings and were all like “OMG, I LOOOVE IT,” but not moi. I was neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed with it. I was just, whelmed. I dunno. First of all, Beast doesn’t look all that menacing. He’s actually kind of cute in a shaggy dog/werewolf-man kind of way.


The original beast was a composite of several different animals, but this one looks a little too human for my taste. Yes, I want my beast looking like a BEAST dammit. I mean look at his fangs! Who’s he trying to scare with those baby snaggle teeth?

He kind of look like Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf with a better weave.


They did seem to nail Luke Evans as the serious douche bag Gaston is, and I’m sure Josh Gad will make a formidable bumbling sidekick.


And yes, while I appreciate all the little nods back to the original, ie. “step into the light” and “show me the girl,” y’all not gonna sucker me in that way… especially with this Lumiere Ewan McGregor’s got going. I ain’t with it.


The voice isn’t right, the French accent sounds rough, and I still feel like they should have cast Kevin Kline — who plays Belle’s dad, Maurice — as the sexy hot fire candle. If you’ve ever seen the movie French Kiss, you’ll understand why. As a matter of fact, here’s him speaking in French and then putting on an accent:

See? Not his best, but like a MILLION times better. Furthermore, I always felt like Lumiere and Cogsworth were of comparable ages, but with the two actors being about 30+ years apart, that’s not gonna be the case.

I also read somewhere they’re changing things a bit to make Belle an inventor as well, or the main inventor, while her dad is the one pushing her products or something. I mean, I guess it’s a nice change.

Considering that Beauty & the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney film, I hold this reboot to some pretty damn high standards. So far, I’m like ‘meh.’ But, I’ll still support. I want to see if they will finally tackle 1. what is Beast’s name? 2. what happened to his parents? And 3. who in the hell is Chip’s dad?! 

Last but not least the great news came down yesterday that Issa Rae’s Insecure got renewed for a second season!

And I was like…


and then did a celebratory dance on Twitter (through Beyonce gifs, of course). I think the show is doing an exceptional job of bringing characters that I — and everyone else, but mostly I — could relate to. Kuddos to all the actors and HBO for doing this up for us, yo.

Hopefully, they’ll extend next season to a full 10 episodes cause this 8-episode business ain’t the business.


Before I go, here’s some honorable mentions:

  1.  There’s some new graphic novel-turned-movie coming out called Valerian. The trailer looks cute and Rihanna’s in it.
    maxresdefaultCan’t tell you what it’s about though. The teaser seems to be nothing but a bunch of pretty SFX & CGI. See for yourself.
  2. There’s a new show coming to NBC called Midnight, Texas and it’s from Charlaine Harris, the author behind the Sookie Stackhouse series which ultimately became the awesome-turned-shit show True Blood.
    I’m intrigued by what this show has to offer because I’m all about supernatural people looking sexy and doing spooky stuff. This time around, I may actually abstain from reading the books, just in case they decide to completely turn the plotlines on their heads and I’m left feeling like someone stabbed me in the eye with a hot poker and then clubbed me over the head with it. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt when they tampered with the True Blood material. Peep the trailer here.
  3. The Expanse Season 2 trailer dropped and I’m like, I wanna watch this show.
    800x600_theexpanse_s1_keyart1Between actress Shohreh Aghdashloo with her silky voice and Steven Strait’s fineness, I will be adding Season 1 to my queue of shows to be obsessed with in the new year (like Outlander).
  4. Y’all, Sailor Moon R is coming to le theaters in the USA! Considering Sailor Moon was the first anime I was ever introduced to, I wanna go…
  5. Oh, and finally, the trailer for that Ghost in the Shell movie is out. It’s got a lot going on and it looks OK… but the overwhelming backlash to it starring a white woman in a futuristic Tokyo like Japanese people don’t exist is kinda… I dunno. Not right, maybe?

And that’s all I’ve got for now, folks. As always, you guys are more than welcome to holla at a girl on Twitter whenever you need me.

x Nerd Girl Out x


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