SDCC Comic-Con Overload, Channing Makes a Splash & More [Nerd Girl Corner]

Hello, my darlings!

I must begin this post by expressing my sincerest apologies for breaking my promise to double up on my post after breaking my promise to be more consistent.  I left you guys for a whole month — and during San Diego Comic Con, too! I am ashamed of myself.


BUT, I am back. All (or most) of the distractions which kept me from you are (somewhat) behind me now and I’ve come bringing gifts, including some exclusive SDCC tidbits you probably didn’t even know about. Oh, and some pretty distressing news.


First up since every major outlet from here to Valhalla has covered all the good things from SDCC while I was away, I’m only going to talk about the tidbits that really caught my eye like:

1. The Justice League trailer. It seems like they’ve learned their lesson to stop taking themselves as serious as they did with Batman vs. Superman. Take a gander.

While my interest in the film is definitely there, I question how they plan to introduce Cyborg in such a way that won’t ruin his standalone film. If he’s getting his own movie, it stands to reason it’ll be more of an origin film, however, we see him pre-accident and then again in full metal gear during this trailer. So naturally, I have questions.

Overall though, I’m down for the cause.

And with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman aka Hotquaman looking all kinds of gruff & stuff, I’m sold. It’s highly likely the only parts of the movie we will see with him are all the parts in the trailer, but you know…

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 11.17.27 AM

He’s just so damn yum.

2. King Arthur Cometh. A couple years ago, I was invited to the Cinema in Noir podcast to talk about the forthcoming King Arthur movie adaptation, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Idris Elba. Though I expressed some enthusiasm on the matter, I hadn’t heard much about it until SDCC 2016, where the first trailer finally dropped.

As you can see, Idris is no longer in the film — possibly replaced by actor Djimon Hounsou — but it still looks pretty damn cheeky. I still might check it out.

3. Idris Elba Meets BGN. As many of you know, I’ve been affiliated with and am a major fan of the online community Black Girl Nerds. Turns out, so is actor Idris Elba. He followed the crew (and creator Jamie Broadnax) on Twitter last year — exciting many fans — and after prayer in the form of #IdrisElbaWatch2016, the two finally came together for an interview ahead of Star Trek Beyond at SDCC!

Here’s Idris and Jamie’s first ever show:

Despite their technical difficulties, the two were able to tackle tough questions for salivating fans everywhere — and of course, I was screenshotting the pics like no one’s business.

Twitter is seriously making a lot of dreams come true. Maybe I can make one of my own dreams pop off some day with some simple DM’ing!

Moving on…

Though I’ve been drastically behind in Supergirl, I know enough to know that Clark Kent aka “the guy in blue” aka the “cousin” aka “the big guy” hasn’t made an appearance yet. So, I was happy to learn recently that Kal-El was finally going to make his debut alongside Kara on the small screen.

The snag? Instead of bringing back a familiar face to the super family as they did with Heather Slater and Dean Cain, the show somehow bypassed Tom Welling and Brandon Routh to cast Tyler Hoechlin.




I’m not impressed.

Maybe it’s the picture, or the way they gelled his hair, but I’m not feeling Tyler in this suit.

When you put aside the awkward belt (like he’s Batman or something), something about his face doesn’t read “strong.” In fact, he looks like his chin is super weak and Supergirl can take him down easy.

It could be that I’m just biased to the previous Superman iterations… or that I’m right and he wasn’t the best fit, but I’m willing to give his episode a shot and watch it to see if maybe the camera magic they were going for didn’t work in his favor.

And last but not least… 

There’s a travesty that needs to be announced. To me fellow Disney fans, the studios are continuing to fail us. After bringing us a ton of live-action fairy tale adaptations that we didn’t ask for, they decided to reboot one of my favorite movies, Splash.


With Channing Tatum.


Upon hearing the news, I literally turned to the universe and screamed…

First you have him snag the part of Gambit (which may or may not happen now), and now we put him in a Splash remake? And on top of that, they’re doing a gender swap so he’s going to be a “merman” while Jillian Bell will take on Tom Hank’s previous role.

In the immortal words of The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel, *sigh*.

Like, I get the whole gender-bender thing going on right now and how we want more movies with female leads, but can Hollywood like make a new movie instead of touching old ones? On top of that, I guarantee you this flick won’t kill any plans of a live-action film, which will no doubt come to theaters in like 2020 or something.

I have no other announcements save my jewelry store, Pretty Poet Ink, has a new-ish blog on WordPress! Well, I say “new-ish” because I merely migrated it from Blogger, but I will be posting new items to it once I launch the new merch on the site — and some of it is very “nerd-centric.”

Other than that, I’ve got nothing else to say really. I saw the new trailers for Wonder Woman and am really hoping the movie does well because from the mixed reviews from Suicide Squad, DC needs a SERIOUS win.


OH! A new teaser trailer for Issa Rae’s new show, Insecure, dropped along with a premiere date (October 9).

I’m sooooooo ready. I want Insecure to do for women of color what Girls did for white millennials living unrealistic expectations in Brooklyn… with no jobs.

I want it to do more. I want it to relay the actual truth of living life in your 20s and what it’s like to look the way we do and live the way we do — like everybody else. I’m also just happy a girl who looks like me, with the struggles I had (because after reading her memoir, I realized we’re the SAME PERSON) is being represented on TV. Let’s get it.


I will not promise another post on a day that I cannot produce, but I do owe you a Disney Head Scratcher and as soon as I get the time to have a little Netflix & Chill (minus the “chill” part), you’ll get it.

Until then, keep geeking out, folks and you guys are more than welcome to holla at a girl on Twitter to keep her on her toes.

x Nerd Girl Out x


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