My ‘Ever After’ Inspired Pretty Poet Ink Jewelry Pieces

Not sure if you all remember, but I wrote a post months ago about how my move of Avatar: The Last Airbender lent itself as inspiration for several jewelry pieces I created for my hobby-turned-fledgling jewelry business, Pretty Poet Ink.

Well, after watching Never Been Kissed today and going through my jewelry inventory, I started thinking of another Drew Barrymore film that moved me to craft: Ever After.

If you don’t know, I’m a lover of fairy tales and Disney flicks and the Ever After Cinderella adaptation is one of my faves.

Heading back to my now-abandoned jewelry blog, I looked upon the first set of jewelry I ever sold, the “Ever After” collection.

First, I started with the blue bracelet, I would later call Henry.

Since The Baroness said, “Henry loves blue,” I figured I’d name it after him.

Either way, a co-worker  at my job at the time fell in love with it and bought it. After she bought Henry, I thought that I should probably work on bracelets for the other characters, and so I did.

The next bracelet I made was the Jacqueline bracelet:

Since Jacqueline was the sweeter of the step-sisters and the more humbler of the two, I thought the green really captured her serene personality.

Next, I worked on the Marguerite bracelet, using reds and pinks to express her femininity and ferocious desire to ascend to the top.

Lastly, I worked on the Danielle bracelet. It took some time, but I decided to use some purples for Dani since purple is a color of royalty and she does end up being a princess.

The cherry on top was the heart-shaped clasp I used because (1) she stole the prince’s heart and (2) I didn’t have a clasp to match the other three bracelets, so it worked splendidly. LOL.

I was going to make a bracelet for The Baroness using black Swarovski crystals, but I didn’t have enough colors at the time nor a fancy clasp to make it happen.

Either way, my co-worker went on my blog and saw that I finished the other three bracelets, and asked to buy them from me as gifts for her friends. And like that, my “Ever After” collection was gone.

I look back at these bracelets in a fit of nostalgia and as a means of inspiration. I’m thinking of reinvigorate my jewelry crafting (with hopes of selling some goods) and I’m considering a “blerd” line filled with fandom-inspired pieces.

I’m still in the conceptual stages of this jewelry line, so if there’s a fandom out there not being tapped, let me know about it… and I’ll see what I can do!

Until then, you’re more than welcomed to check out some of my other pieces over at Pretty Poet Ink.

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