And We’re Back With the Civil War, Apocalypse, and Everything Beyond [NerdGirlCorner]

Hi-Dee-Ho, folks!

I’ve been MIA for quite some time taking care of a few life changes, but now that most of them are squared away, I’m back — and with perfect timing too because a crap ton of trailers are out and I’m in my nerd girl feelings!

First up, we have the Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Fans get their first look at Le Black Panther in full action running from the Cap and kicking the isht out of Bucky.
Marvel pretty much had me sold with that scene, but then we cut to the tag team ass whopping Iron Man gets at the end:
By then I was like “Yas, Marvel! Take all my damn money!!”
I’m kinda intrigued by this Black Panther movie since we haven’t had a black superhero take the lead since Blade, so kudos to his introduction. It means we’re actually going to get a film. Maybe.
Moving on…

Next up, we have the trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. Y’all already know how me and X-Men go back like babies and pacifiers, so needless to say how hyped I was for this trailer.

Let me start with everything I love:
    • Baby Jean Sansa Stark Grey doing her best to hold down an American Accent.
    • Jubilee FINALLY getting some movie love.
    • Alexandra Shipp doing the damn thing as Storm
    • Psylocke MUHFUGGAHS!!!
    • Wolverine didn’t dominate a trailer for once.
    • And a bald James McAvoy as Prof. X.
He can get it quick fast and in a hurry. I’d sign up for whatever class he’s teaching, but if he read my mind he’d find nothing but dirty thoughts. LOL.
Now for what I’m not too cool with:
  • Apocalypse looking like Ivan Ooze.


  • Apocalypse looking like a tricked-out Mr. Freeze.


  • Apocalypse looking like Thanos’ illegitimate baby brother.


  • Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique not being blue for the duration of the trailer* (that’s actually my friend’s gripe, but I’m gonna piggyback it right now)
Granted, the film makers were able to cut back on the purple hues that first enveloped Apocalypse, it still doesn’t keep him from looking like a blue version of the above mentioned.

Apocalypse should be this hulking, ultra-menacing being striking fear into the hearts of those who see him — not this Mr. Freeze replica. HOWEVER, I’m going to assume they’re going in a different route with Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse since he sounds like a soft-spoken father type attempting to bring his lost flock back into the fold. I guess I can allow it… for now.

I am hoping for one thing: since this is the ’80s, I’d like to see Mystique rocking her signature white dress from the ’90s cartoon — even if at a party or shopping or something.


They’ve deprived us of Wolvy’s trademark yellow outfit and Rogue’s flight and strength, at the very least, they could throw us that bone.

*Note* I had previously written about the leaked trailer, but never got to actually post it, so here’s my thoughts from that post:

Psylocke (Olivia Munn) makes a cameo in the trailer too, though it appears that she’s brainwashed by Apocalypse (as is Storm, Magneto, et al) into being one of the “bad guys” in the film. Regardless, I like that they’ve more or less kept her outfit the same and based on Olivia’s Instagram, she’ll get some sword play:

View this post on Instagram

Learned some new tricks…

A post shared by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

Freestyle #latergram @karine_lmx

A video posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on


Magneto got quite a bit of trailer time, which makes me wonder if he’ll be a major focus and the appearance of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) makes me wonder if they’ll continue to act like she’s not his mom. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last but not least, the Star Trek: Beyond trailer was released.

Being that I’m not a Trekkie, I don’t really know what I should be feeling. What I do know is that I hear Mr. Idris Elba narrating the damn thing, which means he’s in it. But then the trailer cuts to this alien being…

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.08.05 PM.png
… and I’m left wondering if they really did the boo like that.
Honorable Mentions. Y’all it’s been a while since I wrote, so I got quite a few other things to give quick shout outs to:

1. Alexander Skarsgard is playing Tarzan in this Legend of Tarzan movie.

Listen, much like “fetch,” Alex isn’t going to happen. I love him. He was boss as Eric the Vampire on True Blood (before it fell off the rails), but IDK about this film career. I will cross my fingers and hope it does well cause he does deserve a break. Hotness like that truly shouldn’t go to waste. Hopefully someone will give him a Viking movie and he’ll go back to swinging blades and slanging peen.

2. The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them teaser dropped. It’s cute, but I didn’t read the book, so while I’m all about it being a part of the Harry Potter universe, I’m gonna wait for the full trailer before I get excited.

Same goes for The BFG.

3. Penny Dreadful finally got some award love and nabbed a  Golden Globe nod and several Critics Choice nomination with my love with Eva Green being nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series for both.

All hail Queen Eva Green.

PD’s also getting its own comic book, which *hopefully* I’ll get a chance to read and review next year.

 4. Netflix’s Jessica Jones is out and much like Daredevil, I’ve only watched two episodes.

The two episodes I did see, however, were good. Really good. And like Daredevil, I pledge to watch the rest of it. Maybe I can get to it before the year’s end? In a perfect world…

5. Lastly, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens today, Friday,  December 18. I’ve watched the first six episodes back to back eons ago and remembered liking them, but I’d definitely need a refresher before heading to the theaters.
There’s a lot more I can chat about, including the new footage from the Batman v Superman movie and the Suicide Squad trailer I never got to talk about, but we can dish about that later. I’ve held on to your attention long enough.

Until then, keep geeking folks and feel free to drop a line in the comments or hit me up on le Twitter!

x Nerd Girl Out x

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