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Hello darlings,

It’s literally been a month since I last chatter with you, but don’t lose faith in me just yet! This past month was kinda rough, but you know what else? It was also kinda awesome too! This week alone had some pretty rad developments in the geeky universe in which I reside, and as such, I will get all in my feelings about them below. 

First up: The latest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Before I go any further, let’s take a look:

*Disclaimer* As much as I love the Marvel universe, I’m more an an X-Men fan myself, so the Captain America/Hulk/Iron Man/Thor films don’t really make me all squishy like some guys I know, but on the occasion, I will dip in and out. With that said, these trailers are looking extra good. Maybe it’s the inclusion of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver or maybe it’s hearing James Spader’s voice as Ultron (I think that’s it), who knows? The point is, this movie looks really good.

And considering that this flick seems to be opening up the universe for the Black Panther storyline, which I’m pretty interested in seeing (since we haven’t seen a lead Marvel superhero of color since Blade), I’m here for it.

Moving on… 

In case you haven’t heard, CBS is jumping into the comic book series game with Supergirl. They’ve cast Glee alum Melissa Benoit as Kara Zor-El and have also nabbed quite the roster of awesome actors for the show, even bringing back original Supergirl Helen Slater and Lois & Clark Superman Dean Cain! Today, the network revealed the first look of Melissa suited up and it’s pretty sweet.

At first glance, the costume reads like Henry Cavill’s Superman gear in Man of Steel, but it has its subtle differences — most notably the yellow coloring… and it not clinging to her body like liquid latex… not that I mind that on Henry (I luh you, boo!).

SuperClanWhat’s also pretty noticeable is that homegirl isn’t wearing a crop top. That’s right. Kara can feel great in knowing that her abs of steel won’t be stealing the show (you see what I did there?). Any who, I’m pretty anxious to see where this new version of Supergirl goes, though Lord knows I’m already juggling enough shows as it is. Let’s hope they give Supergirl a time slot I can afford to watch live and tweet along with the kiddies.

And last but not least

So the final thing I will be addressing today will HAVE to be the latest in Legend of Korra news. So what is it? Well, co-creator Bryan Konietzko has given fans an inside look to Korra and Asami’s life post-series finale. Here is your look at the Korrasami canon:


Bryan posted the prettiness on his Tumblr page, complete with his inspiration for the photo, which will be on display at Gallery Nucleus in CA:

“This is my piece for the upcoming The Legend of Korra / Avatar: The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, opening this Saturday, March 7th, 6:00pm to 10:00pm … For this piece, I used and modified Emily Tetri‘s production painting of Harmony Tower (designed by Lee Jung-Su). Otherwise, I drew and painted the rest of it. I based the turtle-duck boats on the charming swan boats I saw while visiting Ueno Park in Tokyo. Gallery Nucleus will be selling the above artwork as an exclusive print, in a limited edition of 100, to be released on opening night (and I’m pretty sure I’ll be signing them). I will be donating 100% of my share of the proceeds to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.”

My feels are pretty much summed up with this:


Before I sign off on this post, I did want to give a condensed geeking (yes, I said “geeking,” deal with it) to a couple other pieces of news that broke in the weeks that I’ve been gone:

  1. X-Men: Apocalypse has found its young Nightcrawler in Let Me In star Kodi Smit-McPhee. Director Bryan Singer broke the news on Instagram, leaving many to wonder how they’ll write the blue, three-fingered teleporting mutant (who was played by Alan Cumming in X2) into the story with his dad having died sometime before Days of Future Past. Either way, welcome Kodi! NightCrawlers
  2. Director Zack Snyder revealed Jason Momoa’s first look as Aquaman — or as I call him, “Hotqua Man.” It strays very much from the iconic orange and queen gear that Arthur “Aquaman” Curry wears, but none of the ladies (and some guys) are complaining. Jason will be making a cameo in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick as well as take the lead in his own Aquaman flick.  Aoow! I see you boo!

  3. The Suicide Squad movie has officially found its ringleader Amanda Waller in the form of actress Viola Davis! It’s been speculated for a while that Viola was in talks to do the part, and she confirmed the news on the 85th annual Academy Awards red carpet. I think Viola will totally rock this character, what with all the practice of being a hard ass that came with Season 1 of How to Get Away With Murder.
  4. And finally DuckTales is coming back to TV y’all! Disney brought down the word that the show will be getting a reboot for a 2017 release on DisneyXD. I can only imagine it will be updated significantly to keep with the kids of today. Upon hearing this news, my first question was — but of course — where’s my Gargoyles reboot at? Huh, Disney?

That’s all the nerding out I’ll do for this week, and be sure to check back in next week as I give a Season 1 exit review for some of the pilots I’ve tuned into (which you should’ve been watching too).

Until then, keep geeking folks and always, drop a line in the comments or hit me up on le Twitter!

x Nerd Girl Out x

2 comments on “Super Girl Gets Gear, Avengers Looks Awesome, and KorrAsami Canon First Look — Nerd Girl Corner

  1. Omg I am too excited for this new Avengers…trailer looks amaze…great post! The Xmen series is like chocolat…I just can’t get enough…can’t wait for that either:)

  2. Hi, long time no read. Glad to be able to comment.
    To start from the bottom and work my way up the post.
    Looking forward to the Suicide Squad Movie and wondering if Joker will be a member of the team or the villain they must capture. Still, with Harley Quinn, you just gotta love you some Joker interaction. Personally i think Amanda Waller is more of a set piece with which the not so heroic heroes can be bound together by. The character is also a potential antagonist in a gov gone wrong story line.
    But that’s for a sequel maybe…
    Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is screaming for a rebooted origin. First thing I thought, “Hey he’s not blonde. Maybe blonde highlights, hard to tell. A black and white shot doesn’t give much away as far as color scheme. Unless this IS a color shot and then it’s really dark! Lots of Polynesian style tattoo work here. Definitely NOT your grand-father’s Aqua.
    (oh, and before I forget, did you catch the rebooted FF flim they are prepping to make? What’s with Johnny and Sue Storm? Are they foster siblings or something? I think they are messing with the character origins too much just to get a hero of color in the story line. It would have been easier to make pre-changed Ben Grimm
    or even Reed Richards a hero of color than to completely rework character origins like they had to do just to make one character a hero of color. We have now lost the whole Bro Sis dynamic not to mention bros-in-law conflict of a potential future sequel. This material demonstrates that a fictional reality is only as real as a writer’s skills, and the readers’ recognition of those skills, enable it to be.)
    Love the Nightcrawler character and glad to see them progressing in film development. I’m sure they will either address the issue head on in the film on his father’s passing, or ignore it all together if they can…
    I never got to see what you said is your feels of the picture of official Korasami poster. Mostly I am reminiscent of another relative of Korra and her short lived affair with Bolin. The first time I recall “Turtleduck” used affectionately, albeit somewhat sub-servantly…hehehe.
    Super Girl’s outfit is not surprising in being so modest. Let’s face it, most Comic book outfits for women are designed for the newly pubescent male and would have place only on some beaches and definitely not in combat or crime fighting.
    Love the Avengers, but wondering why the need to change Marvel history? Every geek knows Henry Pym created Ultron not Ironman. The Vision at the end was interesting (had to be him, just had to be).

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