Legend of Korra Series Finale Post Cap Coming Soon!

Hey guys!

*Update* So, it’s taking a little longer than I thought. As such, I promise you guys a post for Saturday!!

Original Post:

So I know some of you are probably like, “where the hell is the Legend of Korra series finale post-cap”, right? Well, I promise you it’s on its way! The past few days have been pretty hectic and when you add all the feelings I had about the finale, live-tweeting it, AND the revelations that kept coming out, it was just a lot to take it and then try to seriously jot down. However, this Friday (December 27), you can expect a possible two-part post on it all (because seriously, that ending, the battle, the tears, too much).

Also, I recorded a little something with some new-found friends of mine discussing the show, so hopefully by the time I get you guys the post-cap, it’ll be ready.

If you can’t wait for the post-cap, then BY ALL MEANS, telling me how you’re feeling about the show and vent your emotions to me here! I’ll be sure to check in for it. If you want to wait until Friday, then you can do that as well.

Until then, enjoy your holidays and, uh, Long Live Korra!

– Alja

x Nerd Girl Out x