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Hey there, Korra Nation! As many of you know, The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance aired its newest episode, “Remembrances” on November 21st. As promised, I’ve written a recap (which can be found on Black Girl Nerds) in case you haven’t checked it out yet, but now it’s time for this week’s post-cap!

By now, you guys should know what a “post-cap” is. But in case you don’t, it’s a make-believe term I created that by definition is mixed of thoughts, feelings, etc. that one may have after reading (in my case, writing) a recap. Hence, “post-cap”. I know I could as easily call my post-cap a “review,” but I like to do things my way. Got it? Good.

Now let’s dig into The Legend of Korra Book 4 Balance, Chapter 8“Remembrance”:

Makko goes down memory lane. The episode starts off with Makko prepping Prince Wu for a self-defense lesson and Wu failing miserably. During their lesson, Wu realizes he knows nothing about Makko, and when Makko dishes that he dated the Avatar, the lesson ends and a gab session on Makko’s relationships begins. Through a series of flashbacks — and the occasional commentary from Wu, Makko’s cousin Tu, and Makko’s grandma — Makko goes through the beginning of his courtship with Korra, which was halted by his feelings for Asami, and later re-kindled by the end of Season 1. Makko then went through the downfall of his relationship with Korra when (in Season 2) Korra constantly felt that he wasn’t taking “her side” in almost every situation. Makko talks about his breakup with Korra, subsequent kiss with Asami, and then pretending to be with Korra when she had a slight memory lapse and thought they were still together. Going through their second breakup, Makko tells Wu of how awkward it was for him to be around both Korra and Asami when Team Avatar went in search of the new air benders (in Season 3), but that he was totally fine with it and learned it was better to be friends than lovers. After calling Korra his “inspiration,” Wu felt inspired to do like Makko and focus on being a better person. Returning to his self-defense lesson, Wu takes a hit, falls to the floor, and whines.

Korra thinks she’s crap. Korra sits on Asami’s estate and looks out at the sunset. Asami brings her a cup of tea and notices that Korra is quite distracted. Korra tells Asami that she’s thinking over what Toph told her: The world doesn’t need the Avatar and fighting for it is pointless. Asami tells Korra not to believe it, but Korra says she does believe she’s not needed because of all the trouble she’s caused. Korra takes a trip across all her battles and failures: Having her bending taken away by Amon, opening the spirit portals, releasing the spirit Vatu, who subsequently killed the spirit Raava, cutting off Korra’s connection to her past lives, and causing Zaheer to attain air bending abilities which nearly killed her. Korra says if it wasn’t for her, the Earth Queen would be alive and Kuvira wouldn’t be reeking havoc in the Earth Kingdom.

After listening to Korra’s pity party, Asami jumps in to remind Korra all the things she succeeded in with each battle including denouncing Amon as a blood-bending fraud, turning into a giant spirit and destroying Vatu, bringing the air benders back into the world, and saving them all. Korra says that she’s made a mess of things, and Tenzin comes out of nowhere to tell Korra that she’s right — she has caused a ton of trouble, but she’s also brought balance into the world and must learn from all of her mistakes. Tenzin tells Korra that when he (and the viewing audience, obvs) first met her, she was a hot-headed, selfish chick, but not she’s a self-sacrificing, loving woman. Korra feels all the love and vows to do her best.

The Bolin-Nactuck Story. Back on the ship with the rebels, Varrick and Bolin are listening to the fugitives’ tales with Bolin feeling depressed and Varrick tuning them all out. Varrick reveals that he’s been thinking of his next mover: a Bolin biopic with Bolin acting as Nactuck (his Season 2 movie character) acting as Bolin.  Varrick begins to tell a story of Bolin seeking Varrick out for a wise, handsome teacher, but Bolin interjects to say that his story begins with Korra. The rebels are bored with Bolin’s story and request Varrick to continue his elaborate mover plot.

Varrick continues his story full on with Nactuck-Bolin singing, villains Zaheer, Vatu, Amon, and Unaloq forming the “Fearsome Foursome,” Korra being trapped in the spirit world, Nactuck-Bolin dumping his tribal princess (Eska) and dating the Earth Kingdom heiress (Opal) and daring to fight the “Terror Square.” As the story goes on, Varrick says that Nactuck-Bolin gets the air bending gift of flight, assembles an air nation army to stop Zaheer, and grows into a giant to take down the fused Unaloq and Vatu, Una-Vatu. With the help of the Queen of the Fairies, destroys Una-Vatu, turning him into a mass of stars. Bolin tells Varrick that he thinks the story is trash, however, the rebels and Varrick find it entertaining, with Varrick telling Bolin, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story kid.”

Thoughts & Theories: While this “Remembrance” episode may have been a break from the drama that’s going on this season, it did much more than that — so much more.

What a better way to prepare us for the END then remind us of everything we love about this show at the MIDDLE! Le tears… but back to what I was saying (clears throat):

On the surface, fans got a chance to relive some of the stronger plot points that happened throughout Legend of Korra franchise, including the love triangle that was Korra, Makko, and Asami, as well as Korra’s biggest flubs the Avatar. On a slightly deeper level, we got to see how Korra affected the lives of each of the characters and the world at large. Makko wanted nothing but fame until he met Korra, and after he met her, he wanted nothing but romance. But once Makko got past the love triangle with Asami and Korra, he learned that he was better suited to be Korra’s team and support system as opposed to just a boyfriend. In so doing, Makko found inspiration to be a better person, which in turn wanted Prince Wu to be a better king (though he still kinda sucks at it).

Korra went through her ups and downs as the Avatar, and essentially blamed herself for everything that went out of balance in the world. But on a deeper level, had it not been for Korra’s “failures,” the world would not have been closer to being in balance. Korra’s essentially the agitator for the “Circle of Life” in her world, though she may not see it as that. Yeah, she was quite the screw up in Season 2, however, had she not opened the portal and lost Raava, she wouldn’t have learned how to be a better Avatar relying on herself as opposed to past lives giving him constant advice. Also, everything else — the resurgence of the air nomads, death of a tyrannical queen — would not have been set in motion and things would’ve been pretty uneven. If Korra hasn’t learned it yet, it’s pretty obvious. She brings balance, no matter what — it’s her job as Avatar. There has to be a little evil for good to shine, and there’s got to be a little good for evil to be reigned in. That’s how balance works.

Hopefully, Korra’s knowledge that those in her life have become better people because her will encourage her to do what needs to be done to continue the “Circle of Life” *cue music* Naaaants een-vwen-yaaaaaaa ma-ba-gee-chi-ba-va

Another highlight on these journeys to the past?

KorrAsami moments!

OK, not really, but we do get to see how Asami and Korra started out as two girls looking for Makko’s attention and ended up being two strong, independent women, who are really great friends. Asami also notes that had it not been for Korra, non-benders like herself wouldn’t have felt equal to benders. Because of Korra, Asami learned that she was just as needed as those who can manipulate the elements.

As for Varrick and Bolin? Well, when Bolin started to talk about his story, he said is began when he first met Korra — essentially saying that his life changed when Korra became a part of it. And though Varrick did nothing but show that he’s all about capitalizing off of Team Avatar’s exploits, his mover had a happy ending which is what we’re all hoping for when the franchise comes to an end.

What did you think of Legend of Korra Book 4, Chapter 8: “Remembrances”? Let’s talk about it in the comments or chat about it on Twitter

7 comments on “Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 8: “Remembrances” Post-Cap — Nerd Girl Corner

  1. WU DOWN!!! LOL

    After seeing Mako go through it all, son was a playa. And I thought it was very interesting and fantastic writing the way he reasoned his emotions as he flip flopped from Korrah to Asami. I mean, a man would reason the way he did, what with life being filled with so many unsaid truths and abrupt romantic connections.

    So if you wanna lock Mako down you gotta make sure he knows he is your man and you are his woman.. Otherwise he may make room for a mother possible maybe lover.

    • But on some real ish, that’s how some men operate. Unless you as the woman approaches the man and say ” are we in a relationship?” Dudes out here will be on some ” well, we weren’t really in a relationship, cause I didn’t claim her,” however, it looks like Makko wouldn’t mind if a woman said “You’re MINE.” And if that’s the case, just call me Bill Compton, ’cause I definitely wouldn’t mind claiming Makko as my little Sookie Stackhouse 😉

      • This comment…” it looks like Makko wouldn’t mind if a woman said “You’re MINE.” ” Makes me think of Eska, LOL…

    • “The Accidental Playa” sounds like the title of a ship book. For real though, I think Mako was a legit noob with relationships cuz he was all about the fame and fortune and accolades until he ran into the force of nature that was Korra back in the day. Then the blind side run in with Asami, the girl who had it all going on expect the force of nature thing and you were priming him for a clash of styles and personalities. He just was a total tool along for the crash and burn to come. He never tried to just go for Korra, but she was all into his fame and accolades. Asami was smitten by his looks I think and just had a natural sex appeal he could moth to flame over. At first anyway. But no woman can compete with “the Avatar, savior of the world” mojo. And he didn’t seem to know much about relationship ethics or anything. Like he just didn’t know how to tell anyone close to him, like Korra, this is wrong. And Asami, while being so put together never acted on anything she was told or saw between Makorra until it was too late. When Jinnora blurted out Korra like her man, what did Asami do? Nothing.

  2. Makko needed to be put in his place ship wise. He was all over the place and nothing was his fault. The Wu-ster, with help, of all people giving it to him straight was perfect. Still it does sink the S.S. Makorra as a romantic ship but solidifies it’s friend’s zone position.
    Korrasami still floats here, but not. We know this is pipe dreamin from the get go, so hey, you can still read what you like between them thi- er, lines.
    Borra? Still gets no love from the writers even though Bolin did try at the onset to raise the flag. He got shot down by Varrick’s need for attention and the writer’s desire to give him the consolation prize of Opal. I still feel Borra coulda been a contender for epic ship of all time… Sigh. The more I read and view the more I think Korra will do what Aang could not to become the complete Avatar Chakra wise. Release her earthly tethers and open that final Chi point. She will be without ships yet shipped to the world and yet…not? I am NOT an Eastern Philosophy follower so I’m a little confused by it.
    Next Epicsode will be Tophtacular! Bolin and Varrick ride in to reunite with Team Awesome alpha wolf squadron omega and Korra will force sense Toph’s call to the Deggoba system’s emergency. The team does the Calvary to the rescue thing only to find Kuvira has left it in the incapable hands of Baatar (don’t call me) Jr. Where did she go? To prepare for the Invasion of Republic City of course! She has some unobtainium vines already and has Zhiu Li doing the thing to get them into boom stick shape (she is working off Baatar’s schematics so we don’t have to stretch the plot here). As for Toph and her Neutral Chi master-ness? When Team Awesome arrives she goes into B* better have my money mode and helps to stop all that earth empire BS going on and then explains a little of her advice she gave to Korra as “It’s what you needed. You are not the Avatar we need, but the Avatar we deserve, go get’m twinkle toes.” Then goes off to soak her feet…No, she goes with Opal to hunt down her not Toph enough family, then after the rescue goes to get a pedicure…;^)

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