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Hey there, Korra Nation! As many of you know, The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance aired its newest episode, “Reunion” on November 14th. As promised, I’ve written a recap (which can be found on Black Girl Nerds) in case you haven’t checked it out yet, but now it’s time for this week’s post-cap!

So just what is a “post-cap”? Well, it’s a make-believe term I created that by definition is mixed of thoughts, feelings, etc. that one may have after reading (in my case, writing) a recap. Hence, “post-cap”. I know I could as easily call my post-cap a “review,” but I like to do things my way. Got it? Good.

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Now let’s dig into The Legend of Korra Book 4 Balance, Chapter 7“Reunion”:Korra’s rocky reunion. Korra, Opal, Ikki, and Meelo return to Republic City and are greeted by Tenzin and Pema. Not one to make the pleasantries run long, Tenzin (aka Mr. Kill Joy) asks Korra for a report on what happened with Kuvira’s army in Zaofu. Opal spills all the beans, saying that Kuvira’s holding her family captive, and then Korra opens up about her failure to take down Kuvira. Tenzin tells Korra that no one expected her to be at full strength to take down Kuvira, and notes that such a feat will need to be a group effort. Sometime later that day, Korra — donning her former water bender tribe clothes — meets up with Asami and Mako. Prince Wu tags along and tries to woo Korra, but she’s not having it. Asami lets it slip that Korra’s been writing her and Mako gets super upset that Korra didn’t trust him or Bolin enough to send a letter their way. Korra tries to distract them by asking for a life update, and when Asami mentions talking to her jailhouse rock dad, Korra warns her. Asami gets in Korra’s face about giving advice to her after being gone for three years and once again, Korra tries to diffuse the situation, but now everybody’s pissed.

Varrick’s all like “let me die without Zhu Li.” via: http://pixellpirates.tumblr.com

Bolin’s no Zhu Li. Bolin and Varrick are making their way through the woods with Bolin carrying Varrick, literally. Bolin gets fed up, which causes Varrick to reminisce about Zhu Li’s assistance. Varrick wants to perish in the woods, but Bolin won’t let him and gives a rousing speech to inspire a sense of purpose in Varrick. Varrick even tries to carry Bolin on his back, but walks foot first into a trap.

Everyone’s a captive. Prince Wu needs to go to the bathroom, and when Mako shrugs off being his security detail for the trip to the mens’ room, Prince Wu is kidnapped by Kuvira workers/supporters. Meanwhile, Bolin and Varrick come face to face with their captors, a band of escaped rebels from one of Kuvira’s prison camps where she’s “purging” the nation of non-earth benders. The rebels want Varrick and Bolin to get them past a checkpoint out of the Earth Empire, but Bolin warns they’re fugitives as well.

Back in R.C., Korra, Mako, and Asami learn Wu’s been kidnapped and are in hot pursuit of Wu’s captors through Korra’s new-found ability to track others through spirit vines and being connected with the earth. The get the truck that Wu was thrown in, but discover that he’s on a train bound for the Earth Empire. Korra, Asami, and Mako hop the train, find Wu, and jump off the train on to a riverbank after a run-in with some of Kuvira’s goons.

Meanwhile, Bolin, Varrick, and the rebels strike a truce to use Bolin and Varrick as a means to get through the checkpoint. After a convincing tale of capturing fugitives, Bolin and Varrick get the prisoners through the gates until one guard recognizes them. A battle of bending and bots goes down and Varrick comes in the clutch with a tool fashioned from a table leg to short-circuit the robots to aid his. The rebels continue to fight off the bending guards, and Bolin doubles back to help them out. Bolin lava bends, which forces the guards to retreat and everyone flees the scene.

Allies vs The World. Bolin and Varrick are invited to hop a ride with the rebels and the duo take the trip (though Varrick is reluctant at first). As for Korra, she, Asami, and Mako all apologize for their nippy behavior after rescuing Prince Wu reminds them of how much of a team they are. Wu still tries to approach Korra, but he’s denied with the quickness. However, Mako provides Wu with a safe house — Asami’s luxurious estate — where he is greeted by Mako’s royalty-loving grandma.

Kuvira’s trippin’ big time. The last scene of the episode features Kuvira and Baatar Jr. in a dense forest locale, checking out spirit vines. Baatar tells her the spirit vine they’re standing on is super powerful, and so Kuvira gives the order to her bots to chop down the vines until there’s none left. As the screen pans out, we see that the vines belong to the Banyan Grove Tree in the center of The Swamp.

Thoughts & Theories: It’s pretty clear this episode was all about the importance of team work. In order to succeed, everyone had to work together. Bolin, Varrick, and the prison gang banded together to escape the Earth Empire, while Korra, Mako, and Asami had to get over their feelings of resentment to find Wu. This episode also had some pretty dark undertones as well with the mention of Kuvira’s “purge.” This plot line totally smells of Nazi Germany what with you know, the militaristic dictatorship, the prison camps, and the need to purge the Earth Empire of benders who are not earth benders. Keeping the Earth Nation “pure” gives me Hitler feels. And with all these “alliances”, it’s making me think back to my WWII lessons of the Allies vs. Axis Powers. Also, Kuvira’s ballsy decision at the end gave me all kinds of feels as it’s apparent this chick’s mind is floating on cloud nine thinking she can destroy a sacred entity for the sake of a powerful weapon. This bish is crazy…

Another thing — I didn’t really know that the Korra/Asami (KorrAsami) ‘ship was a real thing, but I do like seeing these two gals work together. Their relationship has really grown over the last two seasons and I can see why people are shipping them hard. But I won’t bet my money that they make out anytime soon.

My predictions? Varrick and Bolin’s scene in the beginning of the episode further solidifies my prediction that at the end of the show (sigh, not even “season”), Bolin will become a political adviser or some sort. Varrick makes mention of Bolin’s riveting speech, and Bolin’s desire to do right by people gives me the impression that he’ll become a security of civilian affairs or something when it’s all over with.

The bending rebels are “heading north,” and will probably end up in the Northern Water Tribe, where Bolin will possibly get the ball rolling to have the nations ally against Kuvira. I further believe this as Tenzin told Korra that Kuvira defeating Kuvira is a joint effort — meaning it’s going to take all the other nations banding together to take down Kuvira. Hopefully this means more Zuko time as a representative of the Fire Nation’s alliance.

I predict Kuvira’s new project of cutting down the Banyan Grove Tree is going to cause a major disturbance in the spirit world, which will lead to some bad ish going down, and finally, I predict that Toph will become involved, now that Kuvira is chopping down the tree that allows her to see everything and everyone.

“They gonna be cutting down the vines and run into Toph like…” via: http://saysthespookycat.tumblr.com

This action will in a way cripple Toph’s never been crippled and as such, I can see her taking a stab at Kuvira’s people, but I do see her being captured and brought back to Zaofu as some kind of prize. This is where Toph will reunite with her daughter, and hopefully Zhu Li will devise a plan to bust them out in time for the final epic fight. Hopefully the Southern Water Tribe will become involved and bring Katara out of retirement to join forces with her former Team Avatar members for one last epic battle.

What did you think of Legend of Korra Book 4, Chapter 7: “Reunion”? Let’s talk about it in the comments or chat about it on Twitter

One comment on “Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 7: “Reunion” Post-Cap — Nerd Girl Corner

  1. Well, I can see your points clearly. Main ? I have is why can every other member of team Korra reunite with Korra but Bolin is constantly kept apart? Sure, the plot and story lines need to give that epic world encompassing feeling but. It’s like Korra can handle meeting every one else and not be dragged into ship wars (Asami excluded but I just know Viacom ain’t going to go for that) but Bolin is constantly paired off or sent away to keep him from being around Korra. Eska in season two, Opal season three, this time just cast out to Kuvira’s camp. He is always used to expand the story’s world reach but I’ll be darned if the writers don’t seem afraid to just let the character interact with the heroine. It’s like they know the natural course of the plot would ship them together and the story would lose tension. After all, the world’s foremost Lava Bender, mover star, and beloved sports star, who happens to be a nice guy with THE Korra, aka Her Avatar-ness. And he thinks the world of her the person? It would be story over, roll credits.
    I fear for Toph, she is everyone’s girl/mature person fave. this is easily a ripe set-up for feels jerker… I mean if anything ever happened to her after she makes a heroic and valiant stand…who would not get serious Kuvira MUST DIE feels?
    Hence setting up Korra’s “there must be another way” plot tension.
    I think the writers are setting up Mako to make another play for Korra. I just read his lines through seasons 2-4 so far and yeah.

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