The Legend of Korra Season 4 Trailer Creates “Balance” For Final Season — Nerd Girl Corner [VIDEO]

20120505230717!The_Legend_of_Korra_opening_logo‘Ello there, friends!

Please excuse the serious hiatus I’ve been on. Between straight laziness, event coordinating, and a host of other things depleting my motivation, I have not been able to write any funny stories, listicles, and the such for you guys. But that’s going to change. Why, do you ask? That’s ’cause The Legend Korra Season 4 trailer dropped today, and much like last season, I’m insanely stoked. Oh, and I’m definitely doing a trailer breakdown. *DING*

So first, before all else, watch the trailer. No, really — watch it:

There’s so much going on — not as much as last season — but clearly enough for me to lose my breath (especially in the last two seconds).

Here goes: Continue reading