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  This week, I’m going to dive utterly and completely into my inner-nerd girl (let’s face it, it isn’t that “inner”) and geek out over the official trailer for Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change. OK, so what I’m going to do is first is show you guys the AMAZING trailer:

Have you watched it? OK, now how many times did you just watch that? Because I know I’ve watched it about three times now, and every time I look at it, it gets better and better and better…

So, why am I geeking out so much? Well, let’s breakdown what’s going on in this trailer to see what’s happening on this season:

1. New locales. The trailer opens up with Avatar Korra looking over what seems to be a new location. Judging by the architecture, it’s possibly a new sacred temple of some sort which means more story telling.

2. More air benders… or spirit benders. I know, I totally made up the term “spirit bender,” but bend a little (haha, you get it?). About 20 seconds in, Korra is on a temple ground with a woman wearing a green garb (which is normally the colors for earth benders/ Earth nation people) doing some air bending or possible spirit bending. As you can recall, Book 2: Spirits ended with Korra leaving open the portal between the human world and the spirit world, to allow the two to co-exist. Is this new person helping her to communicate with the spirits now that her uncle, Unalaq, is gone?

3. Flying Bison. There’s more freaking flying Bison! Yeah, that’s not really new and all, but it does make me miss Appa like crazy…

4. More Air Nomads. At around :25 seconds we see more air nomads, with Tenzin’s son, Meelo, standing in front of them. They’re all gathering for something, which means some ish is about to go down.

5. New bad guy. In the space of like 5 seconds starting at :33, we see a bandaged prisoner in a cell, a flying ship descending on/near a temple, and the metal bending police advancing towards something on the top of a bridge (possibly) in Republic City. I’m ALREADY EXCITED!

6. Bumi… is bending? Avatar Aang had three children with wife Katara: Tenzin the air bender, Kya the water bender, and Bumi the non-bender. But at :38, Bumi seems to be bending something — unless this is misdirection and his brother and/or nieces/nephew is doing it for him.

7. Combustion GIRL! So remember when Zuko sent Combustion Man (named by Sokka) to wipe out Team Avatar in Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well, this season, we’ve got Combustion Girl (or Woman)! Are they related? Is she sent to kill Korra?

8. Something BIG is coming. I know, that’s not super detailed, but we have a crew of people running from shooting arrows, dude in the locked up cell is working out (like Uncle Iroh in ATLA: Book 3: Fire) and more of the metal-bending police start an attack on the bridge.

9: BENDING!!  Finally, this season we’re going to see so much real-time, in action bending! At about :46 we see a young woman in a cell (much like blood bender Hama) bending water  — and she looks pissed! Next we see what looks like members of the Southern Water tribe bending, a couple of young earth bending kids, and some one bending earth and revealing lava (can they bend that?!).

10. Dragons! Dragons were supposed to be near extinct, except for the two Aang and Zuko encountered in ATLA: Book 3: Fire. Have we gotten more dragons in the last 70 years?

11. Order of the White Lotus. We see some Order of the White Lotus members bending, which means that something, or someone is at war, and their help is necessary.

12. Young Lin? At :56 we see a young woman taking part in what looks like earth bending lessons. It actually looks like a young Lin Beifong OR it could very well be an older version of her mom, Toph. Either way, you know what the means? Flashbacks with Team Avatar!

13. Tons of aggression. A young (seemingly) air bender tracks down a truck driver and tries to take control of the vehicle while a possible young Beifong is driving hers through the streets in a hurry. Again, looks like a flashback of Lin’s beginnings as a bender and a cop.

14. More bending. I don’t think you guys get how much I love seeing bending, and action together. At about 1:00, we see Kya taking down a plane with her water, Asami kicking major ass, and the “prisoner” air bending his guards into the bars of his cell. Who the hell is this guy?

15. Korra’s in trouble. Not that it’s anything new because she’s usually in some kind of trouble, but you know it’s serious when Asami — the girl who dated, Mako, her ex — is holding her possibly unconscious behind up, while riding on Korra’a polar dog, Naga.

16. Lin looks out.  A much older Lin Beifong is looking out at the temple that we saw in the first 2 seconds of the trailer. Is it her old home? Does she know someone there?

17. Jinora’s back in the spirit world. At 1:10, we see Jinora’s spirit hovering over a pool of water in a cavernous area. Seconds later we see an air fleet landing in colors of the Earth nation and two seconds from that we see a woman, possibly the Queen of the Earth nation looking pensive about something. Next we see possible earth bender spiraling down from an opening in a ceiling. Dancers? Performers? Or metal bending police cadets?

18. Oh Bolin! Bolin is swimming in a pool of water as flying burning boulders of rock — probably from the same lava scene earlier — come flying down at him.

19. Ominous dude. At 1:17, we get a look at some ominous dude with his left eye brow cut. Just mean mugging it.

20. FIRELORD ZUKO!!! More than convinced this season will either have a lot of flashbacks and bring back fave characters. At 1:18, We see the side of an old  fire nation man’s face. It’s burned, which leaves me to believe it’s none other than Firelord Zuko. He’s with a member of the Order of the White Lotus, which were the same order who helped him, along with Team Avatar, to defeat his dad during the EPIC ATLA conclusion, Sozin’s Comet. Zuko’s back! TEARS. SO MANY HAPPY TEARS!

21. Korra’s metal bending. Ominous dude is fighting. And the Dai Li are back. At around 1:20, we see a lot: Korra’s breaking into somewhere by metal bending (had she been able to do that before?), One-cut-eyebrow guy is also doing the damn thing with a stick , and Jinora’s being held by her pretty bun by one of the Dai Li. Does that mean the Earth nation is no longer a friendly place for the Avatar’s people?

22. More bending. Shark sand worms. And Lin. We see a lot of young kids on a bus, with one bending in the center, a giant shark sand worm (reminds me of Beetlejuice) chasing a sand boat, and Lin in a t-shirt bending some more.

23. Crazy water bender lady is out. Korra trains. A bender flies. We see Mako at the mercy of a crazy water bender lady, who is probably the same nut job from earlier. Korra is fighting off some bending coming her way, which is most likely the bending from Lin we saw seconds before, and one of the new air benders falls off a cliff! OH NO!

24. Spirits. Mako vs. CWBL. Trouble on the bridge. 1:33 shows Korra watching a flying whale spirit fly by, followed by Mako and crazy water bending lady going toe-to-toe, and more trouble at this bridge.

25.  More. Bending. GOODNESS. At 1:40 Zuko is bending. 1:41 one-cut-eyebrow guy is flying on a staff similar to Aang’s. 1:42, there’s an explosion at Mako and Bolin’s and they’re caught off guard because they’re both in their undergarments. 1:43 shows Korra squaring off with a member of the Dai Li. 1:44 shows Meelo bussing down his air bending moves on someone. 1:45 we see Crazy water bending lady backed by her crew which has one-cut-eyebrow guy, and two other goons behind her.

1:46 Kya is kicking BUNS with a water bent carousel she’s flinging ice chunks out of, 1:47 has Desna, Korra’s cousin, water bending the crap out of some ice shards towards something/someone, 1:48 shows Korra earth bending against some more baddies, 1:50 shows Makko fire bending at something that I’m presuming is inanimate, since it appears to be at a cafe.

1:51 shows us the rest of the creepy gang and it’s ANOTHER Combustion Man, but with a really long ponytail, and he, along with one-cut-eyebrow dude are fighting off some folks. New Combustion dude threw a rock, and then some fire so he’s able to do more than one bending skill. INTERESTING! Oh, and the fourth person of the creepy gang has someone one passed out, slung over his shoulder and last but not least, at 1:52 Korra’s flying with an insanely scared kid on her own air staff a la Aang, off a rocky cliff/mountainside that is crumbing around her.

Can you believe they packed ALL OF THAT in a 2 Minute trailer?!

It’s almost like the creators read my mind and decided to put tons of bending goodness and flashbacks to personally make me happy.


Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change Episode 1, “A Breath of Fresh Air” is coming soon. We don’t know when, but trust me, when I find out, YOU WILL KNOW!

Are you just as excited as I am to see the new season of Legend of Korra? Tell me all about it in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter to geek out!

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