What I’m Diggin’ And Why You Should Be Diggin’ It Too — Flashback Edition

‘A lo, ladies and gents!

I’m back again when another installment of all the things I’m diggin’ and why you should be diggin’ them too. But for tonight, I’ve decided to go back in time into yesteryear when TV was a lot simpler and list some (yes, not all) of the TV shows that are currently in syndication years after they’ve been cancelled that I still watch.

Hey, great TV is great TV — no matter how old it is, how young you were when it came out, or how old the actors on it are.

So, first on my list of “Flashback TV” to watch:

The Golden Girls

Synopsis: “Four previously married women live together in Miami, sharing their various experiences together and enjoying themselves despite hard times.”

Status: In syndication on Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Channel

Why I’m Diggin’ It: What is not to love about four witty old broads — Dorothy, Blanch, Sophia, and Rose — talking about life, love, and sex while eating cheesecake? I wasn’t old enough to know and appreciate this show when it was around, but as an adult I can laugh along with every single joke, or sympathize with almost every situation (except for the hot flashes — I haven’t reached there yet). With that said, the show is a true testament to “things that never get old.” And the best part? If this show is still around when I turn 50, I’ll have something on TV catering to my age demographic!

Bottom line: If you loved Sex and the City, this show is basically Carey Bradshaw and the gang much older and living under one roof.

Next up…


Synopsis: “The random misadventures of Martin Payne, an abrasive, loud-mouthed (though somewhat insecure) Detroit talk show host and his assortment of friends and enemies.”

Status: In syndication on Centric TV, MTV 2

Why I’m Diggin’ It: It’s rare these days to have television shows about nothing in particular… while still being entertaining. Martin was a product of the era in TV where we followed peoples’ lives set in motion by creative writing and exceptional comedic timing. Not to mention, star Martin Lawrence played a solid EIGHT characters during the show’s run, including titular character Martin Payne. Each character was well-developed and distinct and at times, you forgot it was actually Martin! This show is guaranteed to give me a belly full of laughs every time I watch.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to catch Martin Lawrence at his ABSOLUTE funniest, do yourself the favor and watch this show.


The Cosby Show

Synopsis: “The goings-on in the life of a successful African American family.”

Status: In syndication on Centric TV, TV Land, Nick at Nite

Why I’m Diggin’ It: Is that really a questions? The synopsis says it all. Cliff was a doctor, Claire was a lawyer, they lived in a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY with five children. Yeah, that may sound boring, but this show had it ALL — comedy, drama, social awareness — without being overbearing and preachy. With all the things this family had going on, I wanted to be a Huxtable.

Bottom line: If you want to watch quite possibly the best family sitcom of our time that probably opened the door for other shows like it, watch it. Nothing beats the original.

I just had to…

If you don’t know what this is, you should Google and/or YouTube                 “Gordon Gartrell”

And for honorable mention…

Living Single

Synopsis: “Lives of several single male and female roommates and friends in the 90’s Brooklyn, New York.”

Status: In syndication on We TV and Logo

Why I’m Diggin’ It: There was the sexpot workaholic, the jazz-singing stock broker, the stylish man hunter, the tomboy journalist, the loveable goofy ball actress, and the wisdom-filled handyman. All living in an apartment building in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up, they had the kind of lifestyle and friendship I could only dream of having as an adult.

Bottom Line: If you like Sex and the City, but want a little more comedy in your diet, Living Single goes down smooth.

And that’s what I’ve got for this week’s Flashback edition. Tune in next week to see if your show tops my list, and remember if you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Until then,

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