Something – Entry 5

“You look like…a perfect fit…”

I came across his profile online one night, out of sheer boredom. He was a fellow high school alum who was incredibly smart and just as handsome. I think my new found brazen attitude towards meeting people online was getting the best of me. That or I was just trying to battle my loneliness. Either way, I sent him a message and he responded and we corresponded back and forth.

“Excuse me, missy! Now all of a sudden you’re chasing guys?” said one of my girlfriends. Continue reading

Word(s) of The Day – Obsequious & Recalcitrant


Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.
servile – subservient – slavish – menial – fawning


Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority.
A person with such an attitude.
insubordinate – contumacious – refractory – disobedient
Say whatever you will about Ms James and her novels, but she sure as HELL has a handle on the english lexicon!
Oh Mr. Grey…