My Brain Scratching Affair with Disney Movies (Part IV) – The Lion King

As I’ve previously written in the first installment of this series long ‘editorial’ (if you will), the following posts are created to air out more or less, ‘adult’ grievances and flush out underlying (as well as obvious) themes that I’ve found while watching these childhood movies over again.

*Please Note: I do not ‘blame’ Disney for any of my findings, as these are films based on very old fairy tales, however, as Disney has animated them I will continue to say ‘Disney’ as a reference. **Also, not all cartoons animations of childhood fairy tales were the brain child of Disney, so I will attribute the production companies accordingly.* 

This month’s installment includes my head-scratching questions and off the wall theories about Disney’s most famous tale The Lion King.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I was not and still am not in love with The Lion King. Continue reading

…And We’re Back!

Hello darling followers!

Thank you all for being so very patient. In the last month, I’ve been working on various projects, including my novella for the writing contest. Unfortunately, I did not meet my target, HOWEVER, I did complete enough of the novella and revised it for submission. Essentially, I have about 5 – 6,000 additional words to write to make my novella be considered  a ‘novella,’ despite the fact that I think my story may take an extra thousand words to wrap up the plot. I’ve given myself a new deadline of April 1st to complete this all. And now that all the extra things that I was preoccupied are being worked around accordingly, I do hope to make these updates more frequent.

OH! And do not think that I have forgotten about my Disney head-scratchers! Because of my slackness for the month of February, expect a DOUBLE FEATURE for the month of March featuring Disney’s ‘The Lion King,’ and another Disney flick. I’m wrestling between a couple of them but I’ve been narrowing them down. Suggestions, of course, are always welcome.

Once again, thanks again for following me and I hope to keep you entertained this coming year!