Day 21 – Novella Halted

Words Written: 0

Last Word Count: 12,447

I haven’t written in several days since I posted the last update.  Due to the recent changes in my life with regards to work, I’ve been shifting my focus towards completing some other projects that I’ve had on the mind for AGES. And while this is both therapeutic and potentially business related, I’ve found that I’m not writing anything new. It’s all in the head though.

I’m also researching more for this novella. As it is set in a city that’s NOT New York (which is where I reside), I have to be careful about what places and landmarks I reference. It’s challenging, but I’m tired of New Yorkers writing about New York. Amazing things can happen in other parts of the country…not to mention I was inspired by a story based out west when I started this piece.

I do need to work on this. I got 29 days to finish at least 7,000 words.

Oh Jeebus!