Day 20 – Novella in Progress

Words Written: 1005

Last Word Count: 12,447

      I haven’t written in several days since I posted the last update. My word counts are off, as I’ve been adding to different parts of the story, however, the 1005 mentioned are a continuous stream of thought adding to the part of the story that is already in motion. It took me a while to get it out, as I had to try and re-work it several times. I had to do some last minute researching because I am writing about a city I’ve never been to. It would be easier to set it all in NYC, but I think NYC has enough books written about it.

Anyhow, my progress has been halted by various life-changing events going on in my life as well as some serious time usurping, but I’m trying to stay as positive as I can. As I see i, I’ve got about 5,000 more words to go to categorize this story as a NOVELLA, but it will take well over 7,000 words in my mind to make it complete.

Just gotta make it!