Speak Easy Words – Excerpt

An excerpt from a story I wrote years ago. Please tell me what you think!

Speak Easy Words

The night was cold, but pretty young. Jasper decided to take his friend Arnold to a spot where he knew the guys could have a good time and keep warm. The name of the joint was ‘Delicious’ and it was in the market of selling the best moonshine you ever tasted. So good, it was guaranteed to put hairs on your chest and chin. They were also in the market of selling time with some of the most beautiful women you could ever lay your eyes on. This was Arnold’s first time there, but it wouldn’t be his last. As the two gentlemen entered the speak-easy, the smell of tobacco and perfume consumed them.

“This place is the cat’s meow!” said Arnold.
“Well buddy, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” replied Jasper.

As they went to sit down, a very short woman with a rather grand presence about her, glided across the floor. Arnold was immediately hypnotized. She noticed him too. She walked over and announced herself.

“Hey shug, the name’s Apple. What’s yours?

The southern bell of her voice rang and sent Arnold into a trance he could barely get out of.

“My name’s Arnold…”

“Well,” she started “seeing as I’ve never seen you here before let me be the first to welcome you to ‘Delicious.’”

“Thank you,” said Arnold. He gave a slight nod and Apple shot him a smile and wink. She turned her back to young man and swayed over to the dance floor. Arnold saw the back of her red gown—her back was bare and the rest of the red sequined gown hugged her hips, and round backside. He wanted to caress the smooth piece of pecan brown flesh that enticed his eye. He wanted to taste her, just like the fruit she was named after. And like the fruit, she seemed to be forbidden.

“Hey Miss Apple,” Arnold shouted. He got to his feet and walked across the floor to the vision in red, whose hair was pinned in an intricate maze of curls, and lips were colored in a matted deep red hue. “May I have this dance?”

“Well hun,” Apple smiled, “there are seven more in front of you, so if you don’t mind, I can dance with you after.”

“Sure,” replied Arnold. “I’ll wait in line so long as I get the chance to dance with you.”

As she walked away, his eyes followed close behind. Arnold had fallen in love with a beautiful creature, but didn’t know that returning those feelings was a service Apple couldn’t provide. In the business of prostitution, there was no time for love.

Day 16

It’s the fourth day into the new year and I did not complete my task of finishing a story before the new year. Instead, I panicked and in my hasted attempt to finish one story, I got stuck on four. I did however add a new chapter to my novel and gave new thought to previous plot lines. New years day, I woke to a new story idea. I had the dream before, but a more primitive version of the one I had recently. It would be the re-working of a classic fairy-tale but with a modern steam-punk theme. I don’t know how receptive people would be to it, but I like the idea of retelling an old tale. It’s something I had tried only once before and kind of enjoyed.

Now, as my time has been freed up (due to not so pleasing circumstances), I want to place more time into my writing and other projects. I hope that 2012 can be the year that I finally publish something – a short story,  a chapbook of poems, a novel. Something. Right now, I’m still reading Betsey Tobin’s ‘Iceland’ and it’s renewing my faith in the ability to adapt mythology and old stories, though my apprehension on the subject looms. I find myself deeply interested in multiple mythologies as well as investing the time into research, but still not yet ready for the challenge. Maybe, I should finish one project first before I tackle that one.

Yeah, I’ll do that.