Driving (Don’t Look Too Close) – Poetry

“Objects are closer than they appear to seem”,
but in actuality, they are farther. There should be
a disclaimer when you walk around, after the many
years of foundation that we’ve laid on this ground,
these objects seem to be built on nothing more
than distant cloudy dreams.

How can you claim to be a friend, yet when there are
problems ripping us apart, you have no needle to mend it…
No way to defend it, not even the decency to send a loving hand,
a back to bend….

While I drive through this desert of distant friends, I look at all those
who have made their mark, created landmarks full of great memories
and those that have become a sad tragedy.

I drive and look at you through my side view mirror,
displaying for once
all the flaws and calloused ways you’ve hidden away
and while it says that you are closer that the mirror makes it seem,
I know that you are farther and just a part of the past friends file in my memory.

The wind flows through my hair,
feathers dance across my face,
as I look in my rear-view mirror
and see you still standing in that distant place.

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