Day 10

I feel quite compelled to talk to you today, as today is the December 1st, and I started this thing off in high hopes of possibly finishing up a story before the end of the month of November.

As you can tell – I haven’t. The past few days had quite a lot of my time preoccupied with non-literature producing ‘things.’ I’ve also been working on the latest installment of my ‘Overthinking Disney’ (the first installment you can find here) and it looks like that one just may be a doozy.

Aside from that, my well for one story is drying up, while I might be finding some hope for another. I will finish at least one story before the new year. If I have to travel to the library with my macbook every day after work and sit there until it closes every night cause I need some of that time to be inside of myself and stay there for a while.


Finished reading Christopher Moore’s Fool  and I must say, I wish I had his humor and talent.

I will persevere…I think..?