Ms. Manners – Column

Ms. Manners Breakout On…Encountering The Homeless

As I stepped into the train this morning, I was accompanied by the faint smell of fermented stench, sweat and traces of vomit. I looked over and saw that a homeless man was laying across the three-seater row at the entrance of the train. Now while this man’s scent did make my nose do funny things, I DID NOT: Continue reading

Lost in an O.R. – Poetry

what are we doing?

caught in the land of make-believe, in between the black and white,

drifting in the pool of gray, graying…


more nothings than


lasting moments after the exasperation of our sweat soaked bodies

entwined in lines of linen…

silent kisses though we’re far off in the distance, away from what use to be…

burrowing tunnels, looking for distractions,

to wipe away my mirror of dissatisfaction.

you stay content with your silence all the while you build a wall beside me

how many feet above,

blocking love.

my once Pyramus building pyramids away from this,

your former Thisbe who no longer stands beside waiting on your voice.


All has become quiet on the western front.


i’m no longer certain anymore of what we are or what we have become.

two drones seeking a means to become real, to feel once more. 

or two halves of a heart, pulling steadily apart.


                   Floating         in            reveries


of what use to be…


 what are we?

Day 9

I’ve been neglecting my duties to finish one of my pieces at the end of this month. It’s hard and trying, especially when I find all my literary motivation coming to me at times when I should be putting my attention on other more ‘important’ things. As it stands, I have added several pages to my story, typing up all the pages that I’ve written on the train and adding other pages from my tracking site As it is, my story is growing longer and longer than I expected and I find myself finding holes I have to fit and I haven’t even hit the crux of the story yet!

It’s all a process I suppose. I have only 9 more days to attempt to finish this story. Will I finish it? Maybe. If not, I do intend on finishing it before the end of 2011. I don’t want to start 2012 with a set of incomplete stories. One less incomplete story leads to one more shot at publication in the New Year.

I must persevere, I MUST persevere, I MUST PERSEVERE!