Day 7

I know, some of you are probably wondering why it’s been about two weeks, and this entry is ‘Day 7.’ Well, it’s the seventh day in my journey to finish writing several of my unfinished projects…hopefully at least one before the end of the year.

Today I haven’t written anything new, nor do I have the desire to. I have to desire to write, but to just randomly ramble on for as long as my fingers can manage. I wrote about 200+ words on Thursday and Friday was spent writing that awesome post on the Disney head-scratching moments and themes.
Today I’m hoping to bang out a couple of hundred words. I don’t know where they’ll come from, but I need them out of me and on the page. I need my stories to be finished. I won’t know if I have the chops to be a prolific writer if…I don’t write, right?

I’m also thinking of entering a memoir contest, using a memoir piece I wrote years ago. It will need some cleaning up here or there, but I think it’s pretty good. Don’t know where it’ll place as it is about my life…and I’m not the most ‘interesting’ person in the world, but it’s something that was a brain-child of the holiday season that’s not too far ahead now. Let’s see how it goes.



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