My Brain Scratching Affair with Disney Movies (Part I) – Beauty and the Beast

I’ve been meaning to write this somewhat long (and possibly well-thought) dissertation on several underlying themes in most of my childhood cartoons, some interconnecting, others stray thoughts and questions, but I’m almost always sidetracked. Today, I will force myself to get these ideas out.  Not because I’m looking for someone to read this to go “Damn, that was deep,” but because it’s really a thought and I’d like to hear the opinion of others and because… well, I’m weird and yeah, that’s about it. 

So, I’m a fan of cartoons. I grew up on Disney, as most adults my age have. I was a part of the 1980s generation that were old enough to watch films like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid and enjoy the hell out of them. However, as I’ve gotten older (and yes, watched these movies over and over again), I began to question A LOT of things I normally wouldn’t have questioned when I was five. I will be writing for different movies as my questions come to me. Like I said, I’ve been compiling this in my brain for a while, so it will take several installments to get this all out…

*Please Note: I do not ‘blame’ Disney for any of my findings, as these are films based on very old fairy tales, however, as Disney has animated them I will continue to say ‘Disney’ as a reference. **Also, not all cartoons animations of childhood fairy tales were the brain child of Disney, so I will attribute the production companies accordingly.* 

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast – One of my all-time favorite movies hands down and critics have agreed because well, the movie garnered a four-star rating. While I love this film, I (as an adult) have questions that I’d desperately love explained: Continue reading