Day 5

So today, I went back to and found that I’ve written in total about 600+ words within three days but not exactly three days… more like a few hours. It’s hard trying to write. The idea forming isn’t that bad. If I’m adding to a story, I have to get back in the mindset of where I left off and where I want to go, but it does suck that my most creative time is during the day when I have to pay the bills.

Aside from that, I’m made the conscious decision to be more organic, but more focused. While reading Ancient Egyptian Mythological texts, I started getting lines to add to another unfinished story. I finally broke down and said to myself, if my brain is ready to write more for that story, then I will put aside my Egyptian piece and focus on getting as much of this other story out as possible.  I’ve been adding pages through When a scene comes to mind, I go there and pound out as much as I can.  I will be posting an excerpt soon for your reading consumption.

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