Manjun – Poetry



Ever look up at the sky when the moon is full?
See the continuity in its form, the opaque silver color
create just the perfect blemish in the night’s skyline?

Ever notice the way it sits there, almost tauntingly,
asking you to partake in its beauty? I stretch my hand
and reach for its embrace, flying away through the blissful
night’s air, with the stars kissing my cheeks.
Speeding blindly towards its full lips, with my heart beating
in my chest and out into the atmosphere

 and then at once

I explode, into the universe, learning all the cosmic secrets of existence
And all my thoughts and energy is turned to you- your sand soaked feet
Dancing in the wind, your curry stained dress in all its wondrous intoxication…

Red fingertips and mandarin flavored lips.

How like the moon, I longingly wish to hold you.
I was born for you and only you.
Forever my Layla, I am your Manjun. 





An Issue I Cared About/Eyes That Can’t See – Poetry

I use to call you my friend, with my eyes tied, blindfolded by your lies.
I pushed past all your deceit and retreated to your corner whenever you wanted a loving ear to hold to your lips, spewing misery and tender moments
open arms ready to embrace you whenever you needed,
outstretched hands whenever you fell…

I use to care about you and so I blinded myself to all your faults,
because that’s what friends do– we look beyond the surface to what
lies beneath and help the meek as we would want to be helped…for at
the end of it all, it is we who will inherit the earth

But your layers ran deep, a dustbowl in the heap
of what I thought was a sincere soul- you’re cold and selfish and if I were a witch
I’d turn you into the beast you truly are but I don’t have to…
for a beast by any other name will still stink of stale meat.

The turn of the time has removed the tinted shades from my eyes and now
I no longer feel what I thought was a friend but have come face-to-face with
a foe, no longer wanting to be wrapped in your woes, I’ve grown too old
to play these childhood games, especially when we all know who’s to blame.

No longer did I want to care, no longer did I want to hear you, your voice
now the shrieks of banshees, your words dripping with disdain and surprisingly
I truly feel no pain. I let you go, long before you had a chance to know. My lips
may have been shut but my eyes have been wide open…and this was the catalyst
to expedite the termination of this–our one-sided friend relationship.

All you know how to do is take and never give, and that’s the kind of life you will live,
continually selfish until your potbelly expels all your negatives and surrounds you
in a pool of your own inner madness, drowned in a universe of your  internal sadness and my eyes that couldn’t see before, will turn away and let you drown.

You are no longer an issue I care about.


Day 5

So today, I went back to and found that I’ve written in total about 600+ words within three days but not exactly three days… more like a few hours. It’s hard trying to write. The idea forming isn’t that bad. If I’m adding to a story, I have to get back in the mindset of where I left off and where I want to go, but it does suck that my most creative time is during the day when I have to pay the bills.

Aside from that, I’m made the conscious decision to be more organic, but more focused. While reading Ancient Egyptian Mythological texts, I started getting lines to add to another unfinished story. I finally broke down and said to myself, if my brain is ready to write more for that story, then I will put aside my Egyptian piece and focus on getting as much of this other story out as possible.  I’ve been adding pages through When a scene comes to mind, I go there and pound out as much as I can.  I will be posting an excerpt soon for your reading consumption.