Ms. Manners – Column

Ms. Manners…breaks out on playing MUSIC in PUBLIC

I’ve got one thing to say about this epidemic. Okay, maybe two.

(1) DO NOT PLAY YOUR MUSIC IN PUBLIC ENCLOSED AREAS. EVER. Now you’re probably wondering about the caps, italics, bold and underline, but that’s because I’m insanely serious about it. It is one of the most annoying and inconsiderate thing in the world, to come on a train or a bus or in an enclosed public area, and to have someone blasting their music from their blackberry speakers. I know for SURE those things came with headphones. It’s a personal media player for a reason. Plug the buds in your ear and enjoy. Do you think I want to hear “Love Faces,” at 8 o’clock in the morning or songs with enough cuss words to make a nun cry while I’m on the commute home? NO! No one does except you. PLUG IT UP.

(2) PLAY MUSIC AT REASONABLE LEVEL. Unless you’re deaf, I shouldn’t be able to hear your music playing over my music, the little Latino baby crying, the two hood-rat school girls AND the sounds of the trains clanking on the tracks that my money to MTA aren’t making more efficient. I don’t get it. The human ear drums can take but so much damage. BUT if loud music is YOUR preference, then do everyone else a favor and get sound-adjusted or sound proof headphones.

(3) YOU ARE NOT ON AMERICAN IDOL. YOU ARE NOT WHITNEY HOUSTON, LADY GAGA, 50-CENT, DRAKE, CHRIS BROWN OR RHIANNA.IF YOUR VOICE IS NOT PLEASING TO ANYONE BUT YOURSELF, DO NOT USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO SHOWCASE YOUR NON-EXISTENT TALENT. STAND, OR SIT, BUT SHUT UP. Those of course who panhandle through means of vocal entertainment are excluded from this rule. But if you’re riding just to go somewhere and feel the need to sing, mouth the words. If Milli Vanilli did it, so can you.

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