Xhibit P: THE POP UP: 2011-01-09

THE POP UP: 2011-01-09


Hollywood moves fast, so we keep the pace for you. “The Pop Up” brings you the latest news happening in pop culture, to keep you up to speed in your daily conversations. We weed out the wackness, and deliver quality links that will make you the go-to person for the inside scoop.
In recent news, Mother Monster Lady Gaga has pledged her allegiance to MACcosmetics for another year as a spokesperson for the M.A.C AIDs Fund.The fund’s mission is to serve all those who are affected by HIV and AIDs regardless of race, age or gender. Its international goals include raising awareness, providing preventative care as well research in hopes of someday fighting the disease. Lady Gaga has taken the post as the leading lady for next year’s campaign. With her grandiose image and interest in the fund, hopefully sales will come pouring in for the VIVA GLAM collection. All proceeds of sales of VIVA GLAM lipstick and lipglass will go to the MAC AIDs Fund. Find out how you can give atwww.macaidsfund.org
Do you remember famed ‘90’s super hero “Captain Planet?” Well, last month it was announced that Cartoon Network and ‘Transformers’ producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford have plans on transforming our famed ‘eco-friendly’  cartoon hero into a live-action movie.  It seems, however, that FunnyOrDie has their own take on what a live-action Captain Planet should be like with this hilarious skit featuring Oscar nominee Don Cheadle as ‘green’ crusader. The video went viral yesterday as the world was introduced to a grittier and over-powered lean, mean, cleaning machine.
Click the link to see this off-the-wall video yourself:http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/60wj
If you’re a Dancing with the Stars fan, then you know that as of this week the show has unveiled its line-up including former talk-show host Ricki Lake, reality star Rob Kardashian and actor David Arquette.
While we all thought thi s would be a mediocre season with the list of less-than-thrilling ‘celebs,’ one member has thrown many families for a loop- Chaz Bono. If you can recall Chaz Bono, only child of Cher and Sonny Bono was born genetically female and had a sex-change operation to become male. Many families are in uproar over the show’s decision to have a member of the LGBT community star in a “family-oriented” show. While Chaz’s cast mates and celeb mom Cher tweet their support, the public is spewing tons of hate, some going so far as to calling it an “abomination.” Looks like the show just make have a little spice to it this season after all…
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