Review: Complete Review of “The Last Airbender Movie

Well, seeing as this is suppose to be some kind of portfolio/ outlet for my literary work, how about some op-ed review like articles?

The following are links to a three-part note that I originally wrote on Facebook about “The Last Airbender” Movie, directed by M. Night Shamalan. I thoroughly investigated for this piece because it was about the re-make of an AWESOME cartoon and it really interested me. ANYHOW- it got some movement on facebook, sparking a little conversation between my commentators and so now maybe it’ll capture your attention.

Hopefully if people still care out there, I can drop a review from time to time. I actually wanted to write a piece on the bizarre way people think of my borough, my thoughts on Rihanna’s new role as the “potty mouth sex pot” and a list of movies I want to see…but I’ll do that some other time…as right now…*yawn* I’m sleepy.


The Last Airbender- PART ONE
The Last Airbender- PART TWO
The Last Airbender- PART THREE

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