Untitled Hint Fiction — Hint Fiction

“I think I am still in love,” she thought despite the fact she was alone on a bed, with an impending headache.

Just wanted to say HI and I’m still here. 
Currently I am editing some pieces 
and reading. I’ve stopped reading Life of Pi 
and was about to read A Heartbreaking Work 
of Staggering Genius, when I finally obtained 
a copy of Bite Me. Now after finishing that book, 
I am reading Gods Behaving Badly and I’m 
enjoying it. I’m trying to be a better reader in hopes
of being a better writer. I hope it helps. I will be posting
newer excerpts soon, so tell me if it’s working or not. lol. 
Have A Good Holiday Season Everyone! 
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering GeniusBite Me: A Love StoryGods Behaving Badly: A Novel

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