Gone. — Poetry

A poem I wrote years ago (with minor alterations),  that seems to have a resonance to what’s going on right now…in MORE ways than ONE…


We use to live that Breyers Ice Cream kind of life
always smooth, always soft, just so creamy and
full of flavor. Now we don’t. It just doesn’t seem
right to me anymore. Now we’re like Rocky-Road or one
of those eroded flavors- now we’re like Cold Stone
without the Creamery. Our love doesn’t mesh like it
use to, it doesn’t vibe. We use to be Luther Vandross
songs on a cold winters’ night. We were heat, we were
passion and now we’re two completely different artists.
We’re not even the Blues. I don’t even know what to call us.

Where has the bond gone? The red mango eating laughter,
with fingertips ripping apart Ali’s fresh rotis with anchar
and curry on the edge of our lips. Our Ocean Spray kisses
filled with tangerine tart. Where has it gone? Now we’re
just Vicks Vapor Rub- achy, shaky hugs that don’t feel like
anything and I’m here like Icy Hot, heated one minute
and then trying to relax the pain of you not being who
you were when I first met you.

What has happened to us? Weren’t we good?
Weren’t we making progress? Now it’s like we’ve gotten
wrapped up in a Hurricane Katrina- just all messed up,
washed up with nowhere to go from here. Baby, where are we?
We use to be on going music- we use to be Beethoven’s
Symphonies and Chopin pieces- we were Nocturne,
lullabies putting each others worst fears to bed and going to
sleep with a breeze of fresh Hilton hotel air, we were
the Trump Tower, our bond was a beautiful structure of
golden proportions and now it’s in an Indonesian destruction.
What has happened to us?

We use to live that creamy Breyers Ice Cream kind of life.
Full of Ali’s Roti shop laughter and filled with Luther Vandross
love. We use to be rolling greens of Irelands’ Celtic scenery,
and now, we’re of two different continents. Our lines don’t cross
or flow in the same direction. We’re driving on the Verazzano
in opposite directions, but I love you. Baby, come back to me.

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